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Mobile Phones Pay As You Go - Mobile Phones Pay As You Go Plans And Options

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Mobile phones pay as you go plans allow users the flexibility of only purchasing a plan that fits their individual needs. When deciding to utilize a pay as you go plan, users are required to purchase a mobile phone, along with a specific amount of credits that can be used to make calls and send text messages. Each time that the customer uses his or her phone, the prepaid account will be debited for that transaction. Once the customer has used his or her allotted credits, he or she will then need to purchase more calling time and reload their account before the will be able to use their phone.

It is very simple for users to reload the balance of their mobile pay as you go plan. This can be done by reloading the account with a debit or credit card, through an ATM, through a refill card purchased through a retailer, or by using a pre-paid calling card. However, users are not required to ever reload their account. If a customer so chooses, he or she may only ever credit their account once, though these credits will generally only be valid for 90 days after purchase.

Mobile Phones and Pay As You Go Plans

Mobile phones and pay as you go plans are offered by a number of large contract service providers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as well as providers that mainly provide pre-paid phone service. Some popular pay as you go providers are Page Plus Cellular, PlatinumTel, MetroPCS, Net10, Ready Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Tracfone, and Total Call Mobile. Howeve,r their are many other companies that also provide pre-paid services that potential customers may choose from.

Mobile pay as you go plans work on a credit system. Customers purchase credits, and these credits are applied to phone calls, text messages, and other data usages. Customers are encouraged to frequently check the number of credits they have, in order to make sure that they are not inconveniently unable to use their phone because they have run out of credits.

On average, pay as you go plans cost anywhere from five cents to thirty-five cents per talk time minute. Some plans offer free night and weekend minutes, allow international calling, and also allow customers to purchase data usage plans. However, it is important to also be aware of any additional fees that these plans include, like daily access fees, activation fees, and even charges for incoming text messages.

One great resource for comparing specific mobile pay as you go plans is PrePaidReviews.com. This website offers reviews of the popular pre-paid providers, as well as price break downs and comparisons of different plans. For those new to the idea of pre-paid phone service, this is one of the best resources available to help customers decide on a beneficial plan and provider.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Mobile Phones Pay As You Go Plan

One disadvantage of a pre-paid phone plan is that users are required to keep track of their credits and account balance, and reload it accordingly. While some customers may find this easy, those that use their phones frequently may find it hard to keep up. Unfortunately, when an account balance reaches zero, the customer will be unable to use their phone. This is beneficial because a customer will never receive penalties for going over their minutes, yet this can also be detrimental in the case that customer find themselves in a situation where they need their phone, but have no available credits.

The biggest advantage of pay as you go plans is that customers can choose exactly how many credits to purchase. They will never have to pay for unused minutes or text messages the way that they would with a contract. Also, customers can freely decide exactly how to use these credits, and budget accordingly. Overall, pre-paid plans can save customers quite a bit of money, while allowing them a great deal of flexibility. However, it is important to carefully consider a variety of mobile pay as you go plans, as well as contract plans, in order to make an informed and financially beneficial decision.

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