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Proform Fitness Equipment - ProForm Fitness Equipment for Home Gyms

treadmills line trainers features

ProForm fitness equipment is designed and priced for customers who want to work out at home. ProForm is a division of Icon Fitness. Icon also manufactures fitness equipment under a number of other brand names including NordicTrack, Weider, HealthRider, Weslo and Epic. Icon is based in Utah and has additional sales and manufacturing sites in Europe, China and Canada.

ProForm builds treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, incline trainers and a selection of equipment that can be used for strength building exercises. ProForm began as a treadmill manufacturer and it still produces treadmills with a wide range of features. ProForm treadmills include convenient speed adjustments and tracking features. Many also have a heart rate monitor. ProForm makes treadmills that fold up when they are not in use. This saves space for those who need to fit their home gyms into multi-function rooms.

ProForm has developed the iFit system to make working out more interesting for home exercisers. This technology allows ProForm treadmill users to connect to the Internet to download workouts that match the look and feel of trails from places throughout the world. ProForm fitness equipment also includes treadmills with the CrossWalk feature that allows users to exercise their arms along with a walking workout.

ProForm offers additional special features on some of their treadmills. Certain models have a longer 60 inch running surface for taller runners and some models are built for heavier runners. These treadmills can handle exercisers who weigh up to 350 pounds. One model currently has a small LCD television screen built in for fitness enthusiasts who want to watch their favorite programs while they work out.

A recent addition to the line of ProForm fitness equipment is the XT 90 Incline Trainer. This appears similar to a treadmill, but has increased options for cushioning to absorb the impact of running and allows a runner or walker to set the incline at up to 20 percent for a more challenging workout. ProForm claims that this incline trainer burns four times as many calories as walking on a level surface for the same amount of time.

While ProForm fitness equipment started with treadmills, they have developed a full line of elliptical trainers. All ProForm elliptical trainers have adjustable resistance levels. Some include an adjustable stride. Others supply users with a heart rate monitor, iFit technology and an iPod dock. And, like the treadmills, some elliptical trainers can handle users who weigh up to 350 pounds.

ProForm fitness equipment produces a small, but diverse, line of exercise bikes. An inexpensive entry-level upright model has a modest package of features that includes a water bottle holder and transport wheels to make it easier to move the bike around the house. A recumbent bike has more features. It includes a heart rate monitor, iFit technology and an iPod port. The top of the line spin bike incorporates iFit technology with Google maps. The bike follows Google’s cues to adjust resistance to match changing terrain. It can simulate inclines and declines of up to 20 degrees.

The extended line of ProForm fitness equipment includes several items for strength training. Among the most notable are the ProQuick dumbbells. Each of these can be quickly adjusted to modify the weight in each hand from a low of ten pounds to a high of 50 pounds. An inexpensive home resistance trainer, the PowerFlex, can be set up in a door jamb to perform pull ups and chin ups. The PowerFlex also comes with push up handles and straps to help with core workouts. Other items in the ProForm line include unique trainers for abdominal workouts and the ProForm Activator. Plates on the Activator vibrate under the exerciser during a workout to make the workout significantly more challenging.

Basic items like stability balls, yoga mats and resistance bands complete the full line of ProForm fitness equipment. ProForm exercise products are available at many sporting goods stores and online outlets.

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