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American General Insurance Company - A Wide Range of Insurance Options Through American General Insurance Company

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American General Insurance Company provides a multitude of insurance possibilities to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for health, life, accident insurance, or some combination of the three, The General has you covered.

A special type of policy is available for those who aren’t sure what their needs are, or if they have a wide variety of insurance needs. With other companies, you are often forced to decide among a selection of very specific policy types such as disability, life, health, and others. American General Insurance Company provides a new service called “Quality of Life… Insurance”. This service acts and looks much like a normal life insurance policy, but there are some very important differences. The most obvious is that you do not have to die in order to collect money from the policy. Current medical innovations allow a high survivability rate from serious injury and illness. It is more possible than ever to survive, but be disabled or have long term rehabilitation from serious injury. “Quality of Life…Insurance”, from American General Insurance, covers you in the event you are seriously injured or ill but don’t die. Your accident or illness, however, still needs to be something that is covered under your policy. Essentially, this insurance combines aspects of life, health, and disability insurance into a single policy with a single premium. You will no longer have to worry about paying for multiple policies.
The “Quality of Life” plan is certainly the broadest coverage option, but American General Insurance also offers a variety of more specific plans.

Universal and Whole Life Insurance: These are more traditional life insurance policies. They only cover you upon your death. Universal insurance provides accumulating cash values along with a death benefit, and the rates are flexible depending on what you need. Whole Life insurance provides lifetime protection for your family or business.

Term Life Insurance: This is a temporary form of insurance for those not yet willing to invest in a full life insurance policy. A term policy covers you like a life insurance policy but only for a limited and specific period of time. Once this period expires, the benefit is gone. There is no cash value associated a term life insurance policy.

Accident and Health Insurance: There are a variety of specific options in this category to explore. American General Insurance offers standard accident/disability insurance, a specific health insurance for cancer (this can also cover death from cancer), and critical illness insurance. Through your workplace, there is also disability income insurance ranging from $500 to $5000. If you currently have a health care plan either through your employer or another provider, American General offers supplemental health insurance plans to cover what your current provider does not.

American General Insurance Company also offers annuities. These financial investment plans are designed to help build future wealth. They function similarly to a retirement plan that may be offered by your employer. They can provide dependable monthly income for as long as you need it in times you are out of work or after you retire. They are not loans, and their wealth must be built up over time. They are designed to provide future financial security.

Employers can also benefit from the services provided by American General Insurance. The company offers a range of employee benefit plans. A business can stand out from the competition by offering comprehensive employee benefits in a time when most companies are cutting benefits or eliminating them all together. American General gives employers many options for defining a plan that fits their needs and budget. Employee benefit plans are entirely optional and gives employers an edge when trying to find skilled and highly qualified employees. The best employees will look for companies able to offer quality benefits. American General Insurance allows employers to give their employees the security they want at a cost everyone can afford.

Contact an American General Insurance agent to discuss forming a policy that will fit your needs. With such a wide range of options, professional advice is the best advice. Whatever the insurance need, American General Insurance can provide a policy custom fit for anyone.

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