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West Hartford Home - How to find the best West Hartford home

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If you are looking for a great West Hartford home, then you in luck. The area is full of great home choices for people who are willing to do a little bit of looking. There are home buying opportunities out there, but one must first know the best neighborhoods and areas within West Hartford. Though it is not a huge city, it’s large enough that some major differences exist in certain areas. With that in mind, smart buyers will look for a West Hartford home with a low price point in an area that is primed for real estate appreciation.

Buying opportunities abounding
Before you begin your search for a West Hartford home, know that the area was hit very hard by the housing slump. Connecticut in general was hurt by the recession, and houses prices took a dip as a result. What this means for you is that if you spend the necessary time for shopping for a great home at a great price, you should have plenty of success. Note that when shopping for homes in West Hartford, you’ll be hard pressed to find modern choices. If you are comfortable with an old style of architecture, then fire away.

The up and coming neighborhoods
Finding the best neighborhoods in West Hartford requires one to do a little bit of research into the area’s schools, its infrastructure, and its offerings for residents. One neighborhood that has a solid foundation is the Webster Hill Boulevard area. There are excellent schools from the lowest level to the highest, which should help real estate values that are currently rising. In this particular area, you can find a West Hartford home that will continue to appreciate in value over the next decade. Likewise, the market here is still relatively affordable, so you should be able to find great price points with a bit of research.

Note that when looking for a West Hartford home in this area, you will probably be looking at a lot of 1950s and 1960s style farm homes. The architecture of the time was very traditional, and this led to many homes being built in this style. Though that might sound mundane to some buyers, it is worth noting that these homes can often have very cool features. Looking for traditional homes that have been updated to an extent is a great idea, since this is a great way to find a unique property. Don’t be surprised to see many cookie cutter homes that all run together, though, while you are shopping for that one perfect property.

Using West Hartford resources
People who end up getting a great West Hartford home often do so because they use all of their available resources. This includes getting on board with a realtor that absolutely knows the area. Real estate markets are constantly changing, especially in suburban areas like West Hartford. This means that what was a good value yesterday might be a sliding value today. Some good places to start when looking for a West Hartford realtor include Prudential Connecticut Realty and the Era Broder Group. As an alternative to those two established realty corporations, many people go with William Raveis Real Estate, which is an up and coming company.

Foreclosures are an option
When you are looking for that perfect West Hartford home, don’t forget to look for foreclosed homes. Given the fact that the economy slammed this area, there are plenty of homes that are currently bank-owned. These provide nice price points and solid buying opportunities. Finding homes that are soon to be foreclosed is an even better idea, as you will be able to beat the crowd. There are quite a few resources to help people find a West Hartford home in this way. One of the best is the Yahoo.com foreclosure listings for that particular city.

If you look hard enough and use the right resources, finding the right West Hartford home is quite easy. There are some great neighborhoods and plenty of unique properties to choose from. The value of homes in West Hartford bottomed out not too long ago, but appears to be on the rise once again. With proper timing, it is possible to make a savvy purchase there.

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