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New Balance 1122 - New Balance 1122 For a Fantastic Run!

shoe running support cushioning

To find out how good a product really is, asking the people who’ve tried it remains one of the best resources. In the case of the running shoe, New Balance 1122, the kudos from runners make it a sure bet. Engineered, not simply “made,” this footwear has it all, ensuring a fine run cushioned to absorb shocks, motion control for great performance, and materials that are designed for the wear and tear of the outdoor road. Furthermore, it is surprisingly attractive, available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Made in the USA, in five factories centered in Maine and Massachusetts, New Balance prides itself on craftsmanship and quality. When constructing a shoe, whether for hiking, walking, or running, the same guiding philosophy, from conception to development, is implemented. Along the way, as that shoe undergoes rigorous testing and reworking until the final stage, it is examined from every possible angle, inside and out, to see how it conforms to the company’s 88 points of fit. As the ultimate goal is the best fitting pair of shoes possible, satisfied customers, runners to be sure, would agree that the New Balance 1122 has succeeded. What are the design specifics that make the eye-appealing “1122” so sought after by those in the know?

First and foremost, the technology of great cushioning has been incorporated into the heel and forefoot to facilitate shock absorption. However, this ABZORB SBS technology does not just render the shoe soft and protective, but also supports wearer responsiveness. This makes it more effective, performance wise. Added to this cushioning, is a medial post, a polyurethane block, that’s compression molded and placed on the midsole, near the arch. Providing not only excellent arch support, it benefits motion control by preventing pronation, or the natural tendency of the foot and ankle to roll slightly inward when walking or running. Too much pronation is undesirable, causing the arches to flatten; this places stress and pressure on the foot’s soft tissues, a forerunner to such ailments as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, even knee pain. The New Balance 1122 makes this a point of consideration, vital especially for those with flat feet and the tendency to over-pronate.

Along with cushioning and arch support, the New Balance 1122 has been engineered with great fitting construction. This is accomplished by making the heel area narrow in width, and the forefoot area wide. There’s a deep toebox, while the instep height is designed higher than normal. These design steps are not casually undertaken, as they come from studying the running foot in motion and what is required for best fit and performance.

Though also highly recommended for training sessions, to make New Balance 1122 a winner in long races, it has two other significant manufacturing features. As blown rubber is used for the outsole, it is filled with air, making it lightweight and flexible. While this assuredly provides durability, the outsole is significant because it bears most of the impact stride of the runner, hence the wear and tear of use. The air blown rubber gives strength to the shoe, without cumbersome weight, and also ensures it will take the hard wear associated with outdoor use.

Finally, New Balance 1122 is equipped with rollbar technology for cushy midsole support. A fully cushioned wedge in the midsole area provides additional stability for running while offering still more protection against over-pronation, significant for high-mileage duration.

As New Balance is manufactured by a company that appears to view running as a science and makes every attempt to assure that their shoe will bring the runner and the sport into a better relationship, it is refreshing that the actual audience for whom the shoe is made would agree. For those wishing to enhance their performance, yet maintain good care of their feet, the New Balance 1122 seems worth every penny.

Clearly, it is not an accident that this shoe is designed around the four phases of the runner’s gait: impact, support and midstance, push off and propulsion, and finally, flight and recovery. To a runner, all phases are significant, each requiring different degrees of cushioning, support, and flexibility. Moreover, if, as DaVinci is said to have noted, the foot is an engineering masterpiece and a work of art, why not run with confidence, knowing that the New Balance 1122 hasn’t left anything to chance?

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