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Samsung Computer Monitors - How Samsung Computer Monitors Are Taking Consumers By Storm

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Samsung Electronics is currently the world’s largest electronics company. Samsung Electronics is the flagship subsidiary company of the Samsung Group, the world’s largest conglomerate in terms of sheer revenue. The Samsung Group is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung has held the title of the most popular consumer electronics company in the world from 2005 onward.

The company makes a large range of consumer electronics, from flat screen televisions to hard drives. Samsung even has a stake in the home appliance industry, and is known for making a wide variety of refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other implements and accessories. Flagship products manufactured in the Samsung line include high-definition televisions, cell phones, laptop computers, cameras and printers. Samsung has a reputation for designing and making high-quality products.

Some of the most popular Samsung products are computer monitors. Some of their monitors double as high-definition televisions, which makes it easy for consumers to fall in love with these products. Samsung dedicates a considerable portion of their time and energy to ensuring that their monitors meet the highest standards without sacrificing ease of use and aesthetics. This dedication is rewarded with popularity; for the fourth quarter of 2008, Samsung Electronics ranked #1 in the world for largest market share with respect to liquid crystal display monitors.

In 2009, Samsung overtook both Hewlett-Packard of America and Siemens of Germany to become the largest technology company in the world. This accomplishment is a direct result of Samsung’s reputation and product selection. Samsung computer monitors are responsible for a significant portion of the company’s success.

Technology Used In Samsung Computer Monitors

As a technology company, Samsung uses many display technologies to make computer monitors. Recently, Samsung has perfected the first generation of organic light emitting diode or OLED monitors. OLED is a very new technology that allows computer monitors to be much thinner and cheaper in terms of energy usage than LCD monitors. Unfortunately, OLED monitors are not yet viable enough for mass-production and release, but Samsung has started to develop commercially viable products using OLED technology. The primary advantages of OLED monitors is that they offer much higher picture quality and resolution than LCD monitors.

Put another way, OLED is to LCD what LCD is to old-school cathode ray tube or CRT monitors. Similarly, Blu-Ray is to DVD what DVD is to old videocassette tapes. OLED thus represents a significant advance over LCD technology, in a fraction of the time it took for LCD to be developed and made commercially viable. Samsung is so confident in OLED technology, it claims that over half of all cell phones will be using OLED technology by 2014.

In addition to using advanced technologies like OLED, Samsung is also committed to making their products more environmentally-friendly than any other product on the market. For example, in the latest generation of regular LED monitors currently under development, they have stated that hazardous and toxic materials such as mercury and lead will no longer be used. In addition, the monitors will use approximately forty percent less energy than competing brands. This means that Samsung offers an opportunity for consumers to take advantage of environmentally-friendly technology while enjoying quality, pristine display technology.

Samsung is expected to continue to surprise the world with new technologies both for consumer and business purposes. In 2009 alone the company had revenues of over one hundred billion dollars. Samsung electronics such as Samsung computer monitors are at the top of the world, thanks to high customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality.

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