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Atlanta Convention Center - Top Five Reasons to Organize an Event at Atlanta Convention Center

atlanta’s business world support

Atlanta’s main convention center also formally known as the Atlanta Georgia World Congress Convention Center (GWCC) welcomes millions of business visitors from all over the world in a year. Since 1976, it has been Atlanta’s main convention center holding some of the world’s largest conventions, international trade shows as well as Presidential addresses, product launches as well as business meetings

World Ranking
With a total floor area of 3.9 million square feet which includes an exhibition space of 1.4 million square feet, the Atlanta Convention Center ranks among top five largest convention centers in the world. It is located next to the popular Georgia Dome and the touristic Centennial Olympic Park; these two remarkable structures were featured prominently during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. When combined, the Atlanta Convention Center, Georgia Dome and Centennial Olympic Park form one of the world’s largest and finest convention, sports and entertainment complexes in the world.

Atlanta’s Convention Center has been in operation for 34 years and to date, still receive returning exhibitors and organizers due to the following key reasons.

Top Five Reasons Why Event Organizers Choose Atlanta’s Convention Center
Location of Atlanta
Atlanta, the home city to Coca-Cola, CNN and Delta Airlines is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Its airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is ranked as the world’s busiest airport. Atlanta has been positioned as among the top business cities in the world due to its commendable labor force, lifestyle and business climate by major trade publications such as Fortune Inc, Industry Week, Expansion Management and Plants, Sites & Parks.

Location of Atlanta Convention Center
Atlanta’s convention center was built for the convenience of the business visitor in mind. From event-friendly architecture design to its easy accessibility from major road intersections and public transportation, it is the ideal crossroad for business meetings and events from all over the world.

Atlanta Convention Center is located in downtown Atlanta within walking distance of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. About 13,000 rooms are offered by hotels located within walking distance to the convention center.

The complimentary shuttle service operated by the convention center is a definite plus for convention attendees and exhibitors, which can be alighted from any of its eight parking lots.

Visitors by car can get to the Atlanta Convention Center through the Interstate 20 and Interstates 75/85, and commuters can stop at two of MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) stations located at the convention center.

Experienced Support Staff
A previous customer of Atlanta’s Convention Center wrote this comment on its official website, “Southern hospitality really has a meaning in Atlanta”. About 70 per cent of customer feedback posted on its website pertains to staff support and service. Good customer service at Atlanta’s convention center has been an underlying key factor in attracting millions of returning exhibitors, organizers and business visitors.

Great Facilities
The Atlanta Convention Center has a 1.4 million exhibition floor space, 12 exhibition halls and 106 meeting rooms. The two grand ballrooms, Thomas Murphy Ballroom and Georgia Ballroom can accommodate a total capacity of 4,500 seats and 2,340 seats respectively. In fact, if the 33,000-square-foot Thomas Murphy Ballroom is viewed vertically, it is as tall as an 11-storey building.

The three buildings, Building A, B and C are interconnected with one another, and each is accessible directly from the highway. Each multi-level building has its own separate parking and loading bays enabling exhibitors, attendees and visitors easy access to their events.

During peak seasons, the Atlanta convention center is a hype of activity with shoulders bumping shoulders and hundreds of different languages spoken at the same time. A single event can easily chart up a total of 125,000 visitors.

In-House Support for Event Planners
Organizing an official event requires tedious planning and immaculate attention to details. Atlanta’s convention center has in-house support services ranging from audio visual and production facilities, office support services, information technology services as well as engineering services to assist in set-up of an event.

Advertising and promotional support can be downloaded free of charge from its website at
http://www.gwcc.com/about/Media_Kit.aspx, complete with downloadable GWCC logo, convention center maps, fact sheet as well as exterior photos of GWCC, Georgia Dome and Centennial Park. Breathtaking pictures of the Atlanta skylines are also available on this site.

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