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Nonin Pulse Oximeter

nonin medical

A pulse oximeter is a medical device used to measure the amount of oxygen in a patients blood through a non-invasive procedure. Prior to the invention of this device, the standard protocol to discover the oxygen saturation of an individual was achieved by drawing and testing his or her blood. This proved to be not only uncomfortable for the patient, but also impractical if the oxygen saturation levels needed to be monitored frequently.

The Development of The Pulse Oximeter

The very first pulse oximeter was invented in the 1940s, but the precursor to the modern device used today was developed much later, in 1972. This model focused on the use of a specific ratio of red to infrared light absorption at the measuring site, which was naturally monitored in the the pulse. It was promoted in 1981 by Biox, but it failed to receive adequate attention until the end of that decade. In 1995, Nonin Medical invented the fingertip pulse oximeter, introducing the Onyx 9500 to the health care world. Once this device became widely used, it quickly found its place as a permanent staple of health care equipment nationwide. Hospitals and other medical facilities use Nonin pulse oximetry on a daily basis, and this protocol will likely never change.

Primary Functions of a Nonin Pulse Oximeter

Acceptable normal ranges of arterial hemoglobin are from 95 to 100 percent, although it is not uncommon to see values as low as 90. The pulse oximeter has a small pair of light emitting diodes (LEDs,) which face a photo diode through a part of the persons body, which is translucent, like an earlobe or fingertip. One LED is red, and the other infrared, and the monitored signal follows the heartbeat and the wavelengths bounce off its rhythm. These wavelengths differ significantly between blood in its deoxygenated form, and oxyhemoglobin, which is oxygenated blood. The level of oxygen in the blood is then calculated from the absorption ratio of the red, and the infrared light. It will then convey the percentage on a small display screen, thus providing the health care provider with an accurate reading of that patients oxygen saturation. He or she will then know if the patient in question is in need of supplemental oxygen until levels return to normal.

The Advantage of Using Pulse Oximetry Technology

A Nonin pulse oximeter is useful in any event where a patient’s oxygen levels are unstable. It is a fast and accurate tool in determining if there is a need for supplemental oxygen. It may also be used to detect abnormalities in ventilation, however, if supplemental oxygen is already being used, the accuracy of pulse oximetry usually fails. Abnormalities can only be reliably detected when the patient is breathing room air. The size of a pulse oximeter is particularly convenient as well. lt is easy to carry, simple to use, and most importantly it provides an instant and accurate reading of a patients oxygen saturation. This, in addition to the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure, makes it an ideal medical device for the patient, as well as the health care provider.

Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical has lead the way in health care delivery solutions since 1986 and remains a trusted name in noninvasive medical devices worldwide. Their award-winning Onyx II, Model 9560 pulse oximeter has revolutionized fingertip oximetry wherever this equipment is used. Nonon’s pulse oximetry equipment has been tested in the most challenging situations and proven to consistently perform in a satisfactory way. They will continue to be a leader in health care technology, and to provide patients and clinicians quality medical devices of superior quality and reliability.

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