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New York Film School - How To Get In To The New York Film School

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The New York Film School, or New York Film Academy as it is correctly known, has earned its rights and privileges as one of the best film educational facilities in the world. Covering all aspects of the film industry, the New York Film School has one of the finest programs for cinematography, producing, directing, film acting, screenwriting and photography, staffed with industry professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. Getting into the New York Film School has its options, either with an undergraduate or graduate degree, or making an application for intensive training in one of the many short-term workshop programs.

The New York Film School opportunities are offered in numerous locations around the world. You may study at Yale or Harvard or opt for some international travel to the New York Film School locations in London, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Florence, Rome, Abuja, and Alicante. Domestic locations are set up in Miami, Los Angeles, the Disney Studios, and of course, New York City.

The New York Film School’s film department delivers hands-on training with the latest film technologies to include comprehensive coursework in digital film making, documentaries, 3D animation, writing, film and television production, photography, broadcast journalism and digital editing.

The New York Film School acting program ranges from one week sessions to an MFA degree with an option to specialize in musical theater. In addition, the film acting classes are an immersion into acting with the best cameras, stages, lighting and technique coaches at your side.

Students who wish to concentrate on the screenwritng program may take the entire one year study course online The virtual New York Film School experience offers everything the on-campus option does, and can deliver the program at a budget crunching tuition rate. The comprehensive online screenwriting study program covers the essentials for a versatile career in film and television, and provides an excellent source of credentials for the new screenwriter entering the business. Learn how to format, use textual character voices and develop your own unique style with the prestigious name and reputation of the New York Film School.

Whether your film and stage passion is to be in front of the cameras or mogul your way to the top behind the scenes, the New York Film School has the talent, resources and experience to get you on the fast track to success. Smaller film schools may cost less, but the rewards of working with film industry leaders enhances your rapid expertise and provides a good social networking arena for industry contacts.

Tuition and fees for the New York Film School are set on a per year basis for the undergraduate and graduate degrees, and a pay as you go basis for the workshops. Some students may qualify for an in-house student financial aid package if they can demonstrate financial need. Other resources include state and federally funded loans, if the application is made for a degree program. The New York Film School is fully accredited for the AF, BFA and MFA programs, and therefore, is granted to provide special funding for veterans under the GI Bill.

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