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Waverly Window Treatments - Beautify Your Home With Waverly Window Treatments

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Few things can turn a house into a home like window treatments. A window framed by cheery curtains both lets you look out on the world and lets you look in at the fashion, taste and personality of the person who hung them. Waverly understands this, and that’s why Waverly window treatments are available in so many quality styles, colors and patterns to help you imprint your home with the stamp of your personality.

The Waverly brand began in 1923 as an arm of F. Schumacher & Co. From the beginning, Waverly was synonymous with quality fabrics for the home. At first, Waverly sold only fabric for upholsterers to turn into items for the home. They branched out first by selling wall coverings, then eventually, in 1969, began selling bedding, linens and window treatments. Waverly was the first company in the interior design business to offer a complete home decorating resource.

Waverly window treatments come in a variety of styles for any window covering needs. Waverly draperies are floor-length, heavy window treatments meant to cover large windows. They generally come in two pieces so they can be closed over the window or opened to let in the sunlight. Waverly shades are a single sheet of fabric which pulls down to cover a smaller window. Waverly curtains come in two pieces like drapes, but they’re shorter and lighter-weight, meant for covering smaller windows. They generally have tie-backs to hold the curtains to the side and let the sun in. Waverly sheers are very thin, see-through fabric pieces to go under curtains.

Even if your home has mini-blinds, there’s a Waverly window treatment for you. Waverly valances hang over your blinds or sheers. They run across the width of your window with a drop of about one foot. Valances are a great way to add the warmth and personality of Waverly window treatments to the convenience of mini-blinds.

Because Waverly knows how important your sense of style is to you, Waverly window treatments, along with all Waverly products, come in four distinct categories. Once you know which best fits your fashion sense, it’s easy to find the Waverly products you’ll love.

Beautiful Things is where you’ll find the most romantic Waverly window treatments. Waverly’s Beautiful Things line is filled with floral patterns in pretty pastels. Cabbage roses abound, and you’ll find lots of pinks to satisfy your girlish dreams.

In the Town and Country line you’ll find more streamlined, upscale fabrics. Window treatments from Waverly’s Town and Country are black and white, or other contrasting color combinations, in stripes or bold patterns.

Past Perfect has a dreamy, old-fashioned line of Waverly window treatments. When you decorate from this line, you might feel like you’ve stepped back in time to your great-grandmother’s house—this is a great way to incorporate a lot of antiques into your decorating scheme.

Modern Living is Waverly’s contemporary line. Modern Living window treatments are in neutral colors, easily fitting into many decorating schemes. These are a nice background to dress up with splashes of color in throw pillows or rugs.

One of the nice things about buying Waverly window treatments is that you know you can find matching products for any room of the house, whether you want bedding or slip covers or tablecloths. That makes it easy to coordinate, even if you’re not an interior designer. A recent Waverly innovation, the World of Waverly, makes it particularly easy to do this, with products organized into groupings that go together.

When you’re ready to invest in window treatments, you want to buy quality products that will last for years—and Waverly window treatments are a great way to know you’re getting the best. Waverly has been around since 1923 specifically because they’re known for quality materials and workmanship. When you buy Waverly window treatments, you’re buying a bit of history that can carry you into your future.

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