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Wedding Favors Wholesale - Savvy Brides and Grooms Buy Wedding Favors Wholesale

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Wedding favors are an important tradition at any wedding. They offer a great way to say “thank you” to guests who have traveled from near and far to celebrate your big day with you.

The history of giving wedding favors goes back to the days when European aristocrats roamed the streets. These well-to-do couples used to give small trinket boxes that were made of porcelain or crystal. They would fill these little boxes with sugary treats – a very rare indulgence of the era. At the time, sugar was very expensive, so only the wealthiest couples could give wedding favors. As sugar became less expensive, wedding favors became more commonplace at all weddings. Guests at middle-class weddings of time would be sent off with sugared (Jordan) almonds. The middle-class brides and grooms appreciated that they now had an affordable way to thank their guests with favors. After all, their guests were just as important as the aristocrats – to them at least. Today’s brides and grooms on a budget also appreciate having options. Now, cash-strapped couples can thank their guests in style by taking advantage of bulk pricing and buying their wedding favors wholesale. Buying wedding favors at wholesale pricing is a great way for brides and grooms to get exactly what they want for their guests without sacrificing on anything. They can get the same quality wholesale favors without having to pay retail prices.

Wedding favors have changed quite a bit since the days when there were only sugary treats available. Today, brides and grooms can choose from a seemingly endless assortment of treats and trinkets – from chocolate to candles, and everything in-between. However, these treats do not always come with an inexpensive price tag. This is when the savvy bride or groom will find a way to buy their wedding favors wholesale.

Typically, the ability to buy wedding favors wholesale is reserved for established retailers. However, there are some select stores that sell the same quality favors at wholesale pricing. When brides buy in bulk, they can take advantage of the reduced wholesale prices. Generally, when a large quantity of favors is purchased, the price is lowered considerably.

Once the bride and groom have found their source to buy wedding favors wholesale, they will need to decide what they would like to give their guests. The first step in this process is to determine the budget per favor. The average couple will spend about two to three percent of their budget on wedding favors. So if you have a modest budget of 10 thousand dollars, you would expect to spend about two to three hundred dollars on favors. At one hundred guests, this would bring your budget between two and three dollars per favor.

After the budget is set, the next step is to choose the style of favors. This is usually done by examining the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are having a destination wedding at a beach resort, you may want to choose a seashell candle, a flip-flop luggage tag, or some other beach-themed favor. If your theme is Asian, you may want to send your guests off in style with cherry blossom hand fans.

Even after evaluating the theme, some brides and grooms still aren’t sure what to give their guests. Many couples opt for a simple yet practical favor. These favors would include candles, coasters, soaps, and wine stoppers. Fortunately, there are also options to buy these types of wedding favors wholesale.

If a couple still cannot decide on which favors they want to buy at wholesale pricing, they can consider a more traditional approach. Jordan almonds remain a popular choice for wedding favors. Whatever the couple may decide to give, they must be sure that they do not send their guests off empty-handed. Wedding guests have come to expect this little token of appreciation when attending such events. All you have to do is put a little thought into what you want to give them. Your guests are sure to appreciate the heartfelt gesture.

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