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Air Conditioner Window Units - Guide to Buying Air Conditioner Window Units

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Depending on the climate, some homes may not be equipped with central air conditioning. The summers in a location may be mild, keeping temperatures low and making installation of central air conditioning unnecessary. Even if the hot weather months are temperate, there are always a few days out of the year when it’s so hot outside that open windows and fans fail to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Installing air conditioner window units into a home is a quick and easy solution for those days when the mercury spikes. There are several models and varieties of air conditioner window units available, ranging in prices. By factoring in the suggestions below, home owners can select the right air conditioner window units for their living spaces.

When buying air conditioner window units, the first thing that needs to be considered is the window space that the air conditioner will occupy. Air conditioner window units, as the name implies, are usually installed in double hung windows, where the bottom set of windows slides up and locks into place. The air conditioner unit rests on the window sill and the bottom pane rests on the top of the unit, securing it into place. For homes that do not have these kinds of windows, window air conditioner can still be used, but the window may have to be fitted for the unit, or a hole can be cut into an exterior wall. For wall holes, shoppers can install slide-in-chassis air condition units that are designed to fit either windows or walls. All window units will need to be secured with screws of brackets to ensure that they do not fall after installation. Also, most window units have seals around the edges that need to be put in place to keep cold air in and warm air out of the house.

After making sure that the home’s windows will fit a window air condition unit, the size and power of the unit should be considered. The larger the room that needs to be cooled, the larger and more powerful the air conditioner needs to be. The strength of air conditioner window units is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). An air conditioner with a higher BTU rating will be able to cool a larger space. Most people would assume that a larger, more powerful air conditioner unit is always better, but shoppers should only buy a unit that is adequate for the amount of space that needs to be cooled. This is because a larger and more powerful air conditioner requires more space for the air to circulate in order for its thermostat to have an accurate reading. If the air conditioner pumps out too much cold air, it can reflect back to the thermostat, fooling the thermostat into turning off before the room is cooled enough. The thermostat will then turn back on in a few minutes after the correct reading has been established. This constant power cycling can cause wear on the unit as well as keep humidity levels from lowering.

Shoppers should also look for units that have electronic controls as opposed to manual. Manual controls let home owners set the temperature on the thermostat by hand. The unit may only have “Hi,” Medium," or “Low” settings, which are not very accurate. Electronic controls give operators much more control over the unit. Most will allow the temperature be set to a specific number of degrees. Also, some models have programmable controls that allow home owners to set the time and duration of the window unit’s operation. For example, someone could program the unit to be off while they are at work, but to turn on 2 hours before they return so that the house is cool when they get home.

Another factor that buyers should look for is energy efficiency. By choosing an energy efficient model, home owners can save money on their monthly utility bills. When shopping for air conditioner window units, the most efficient window units are certified by Energy Star, a government agency tasked with rating the efficiency of consumer products. Also, air conditioners may have an Energy Efficiency Rating or EER. More efficient models will have a higher score than less efficient varieties. Energy efficiency comes at a cost, however, as the price at purchase time will be higher.

For a lot of people who live in moderate climates, buying air conditioner window units for their homes makes more sense economically than installing central air conditioning. Air conditioner window units not only save money, but can be efficient and convenient at the same time.

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