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Flights To Cabo San Lucas - Finding Flights to Cabo San Lucas

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When a person is ready for a wonderful trip which is sure to be full of unforgettable experiences and memories, then choosing Cabo San Lucas as a destination proves to be an excellent decision. This high end Mexican resort area lies just over the border from California, on the Mexican side of the Baja California Peninsula. The element that distinguishes Cabo San Lucas from the various other fine beach resort types of towns the world over turns out to be the amazing rock formations and stunningly gorgeous vistas it features, which offer unlimited photo opportunities for those who love having pictures to take home and to both show off, and remember the trip by, later. This wonderful place showcases the unique land formation known as Land’s End Arc, or El Arco Del Cabo de San Lucas, which is among the most phenomenal natural wonders along the Pacific Ocean. This hot destination also features more than just wonderful beaches; it is full of a vibrant nightlife scene which centers around Cabo Wabo Cantina, owned and founded by Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar. As one can already begin to imagine, finding flights to such a worthy vacation destination as Cabo San Lucas does not prove to be difficult.

The flights to Cabo San Lucas come with an additional perk. It is not at all uncommon to catch famous celebrity sightings on these airplanes. Celebrities love to fly down to Los Cabos in order to soak up the sun in the stunning views, along with the other million tourists who grace the twenty mile long stretch of flawless white sand beaches in Cabo San Lucas. Because of this, a traveler should definitely keep his or her eyes open on the flights to Cabo, as well as while he or she is strolling around the town, the bars, and along the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, since one never knows who he or she will walk past.

With such an in demand and very trendy tourist destination, there are no shortages at all of flights to Cabo San Lucas from a wide variety of airports throughout the United States. This should not come as a surprise for an airport which boasts over three million passengers passing through per year (Los Cabos International Airport, as of 2007) and proves to be among the most important in all of tourist beloved Mexico. Fully twenty-four different American and Mexican airlines fly to or through Los Cabos International Airport. Among these are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Mexicana Air, Aero Mexico, and even Alaska Airlines, to name a few of the more important ones which offer the most flights.

Finding flights to Cabo San Lucas often reveals quick flights to the intense fun in the beautiful sun destination, as well. The flight times range depending on the departure city and along with any varying layover times. In general though, one can expect to spend about six and a half hours on a flight from New York City’s JFK Airport to Cabo San Lucas, around five and a half hours on a flight from Newark, New Jersey to Cabo San Lucas, around five hours and twenty minutes on a flight from Miami, Florida to Cabo San Lucas, approximately five hours from Seattle, Washington, about three hours and fifty minutes from Houston, Texas, around three hours from Phoenix, Arizona, and approximately three hours from Los Angeles, California to Cabo San Lucas.

Finding flights to Cabo San Lucas generally turns up some surprisingly cheap deals in airfare, also. From New York City, flights begin at about $390 for round trip airfare to Cabo San Lucas. From Newark, New Jersey, flights to Cabo San Lucas start from $361 round trip. From Miami, Florida to Cabo San Lucas, flights go from $570 round trip. Houston, Texas to Cabo San Lucas prices round trip run about $420. From Phoenix, Arizona to Cabo San Lucas, expect to pay about $590 for round trip tickets. Out of Seattle to Cabo San Lucas, the going rate for round trip airfare is generally $460. Finally, going from sunny Southern California’s Los Angeles on down South of the Border to Cabo San Lucas will set a person back about $360 for the round trip.

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