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Belks Department Store - Shopping at Belks Department Store

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Fabulous fashion, cosmetics, housewares and perfect gifts can be found at your Belks department store. If you are looking for certain brand names at a great price, Belks department store can help you out.

Belks department store carries a wide variety of clothing for all ages and genders. If you are shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, swing by the infant and toddler section. For a night on the town, Belks offers a wide variety of dresses! Looking for a Father’s day present? Belks department store has a great men’s wear section as well. If you are looking for certain brands, be it Liz or Ralph Lauren, you can find these there. They even carry their own brands of clothing, from Saddlebred to Red Camel to J Khaki, Belks department store offers a wide variety of current fashions at an affordable price.

Cosmetics are also sold at Belks department stores. If you are looking for Clinique, Estee Lauder or Lancome, Belks department store offers these. They offer one on one cosmetic assistants at each counter, to help you pick out the perfect make-up for your needs. Each cosmetic assistant at Belks department stores are trained by the companies they are representing. You can stop by the cosmetic counter for personal assistance on how to correctly apply your cosmetics, they can teach you which facial cleanser can help your skin type needs, as well as help you decide on a new perfume or cologne.

Fine jewelry can also be found at your Belks department store. From fine to high end costume jewelry, Belks has a wide variety! If you are looking for 14 karat gold or sterling silver, Belks department store offers these! They carry top of the line gem stones, from emeralds to diamonds to sapphires and rubies, Belks is the place to shop!

Fine China, silverware, crystal are sold at Belks department stores! If you are newly engaged, you can go to Belks and an assistant will help you register for your wedding gifts. Belks carries a great variety of china, from fine to everyday place settings! They offer a variety of cook wear as well! Towels, linens and bedding can be registered at your Belks department store! This is the perfect place for brides to be to come and get a good feeling about the gifts they are registering for! Once registered with their gift registry, family and friends may purchase from the gift registry and Belks will even gift wrap and hold the gift there for the bride to come by and pick it up!

A Belks department store credit card is a great thing to have in your wallet! For every certain dollar amount, Belks department store offers Belks bucks, which can be used on the item of your choice, even if it is on sale! The sales at Belks department store, makes it possible for people on a budget to purchase fabulous items at a low price. The other advantage to having a Belks department store credit card is you, the consumer, has the option to pay your purchases within 90 days at no interest or on a revolving credit line. The Belks monthly statement clearly shows you how much you must pay if you take advantage of the 90 day payment plan with no interest. It also shows how much your monthly payment is if you are unable to pay your purchases off within in the 90 day limit!

All in all, Belks department stores offers a wide variety of one stop shopping! Free gift wrap is offered to card holders! Belks department store gives great customer service, returns are easy and shopping is a pleasure. Stop in Belks department store and let the shopping begin!

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