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Quality Inn Motels - The Quality Inn Motel And Its Evolution

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Quality Inn is part of a string of hotel brands owned by Choice Hotels International. Choice Hotels has the distinction of being the first national hotel chain in the United States and now operates 10 distinctive hotel brands, one of which is the Quality Inn motel. Quality Inn fits into the puzzle nicely, joining forces with other hotels in the chain that give Choice Hotels a reputation for providing pleasant, comfortable rooms that are affordable to almost everyone.

The promise of Quality Inn is that you will “get more than you expect” when you choose them as your hotel. They live up to this promise in a number of ways, but the most obvious way is by value. Their prices are outlandishly affordable for visitors. For people that love to travel but don’t view staying at a hotel as the primary portion of that experience, a Quality Inn motel stay gives them the chance to experience comfort without extravagance and keep the costs of the actual motel stay low.

A Quality Inn motel really does give people a lot for a little. Free coffee is available to guests at the hotel throughout the day. As of 2010, the Inn offers something called a Q-breakfast, which gives visitors the choice of a traditional bacon and eggs breakfast for a more healthy breakfast with fresh fruits and yogurt. This is a rare offering from a motel that boasts such low prices in every city it appears in.

The fun doesn’t stop there. A Quality Inn motel also has its technologically savvy guests in mind. There is free high speed Internet access to all guests staying at the motel, allowing everyone to hook up to their email accounts or surf the web from the comfort of their room. Local calls aren’t a problem either. Every local call is free of charge to guests.

As part of the Choice Hotels family, Quality Inn motel offers its guests exclusive deals and promotions offered by Choice Hotels. The hotel accommodates businesses or government agencies that need group rates for their meetings or events. People that are staying at the Quality Inn motel to watch their favorite sports teams can take advantage of a special sports rate. To cash in on these special rates or promotions, you can use the E-directory to find out which Quality Inn motel in your area can accommodate large groups for meetings and events.

The Quality Inn motel has changed its policies to reflect a growing trend in America: People have to travel with their pets. To handle this, there are many pet friendly Quality Inns around the country that can show hospitality to pets as well as human guests. There is sometimes a fee for this service, but it’s well worth it to be able to travel with pets. Choice hotels have a motto for this service: “Go places with friends. Even the furry ones.”

The bedding is perhaps one of Quality Inns most appreciated offerings. They offer extremely comfortable bedding for a hotel in this price range. Guests usually do get more than they expected when they stay in one of Quality Inn’s comfortable rooms. Reservations can be made for any Quality Inn motel. It’s interesting to note that Choice Hotels was the first chain to offer guests the opportunity to make reservations for a stay.
To increase your value, you can take advantage of one of several savings options. Choice hotels has a bonus rewards plan, savings when you book early, stay and fly rates, and many other deals and programs that reward customers that are journeying for specific purposes. They reward guests for using a Quality Inn motel for almost anything. There are Theme Park packages, Sports packages, Holiday packages, and even Shopping packages to reward their guests that choose the Quality Inn motel as their place to rest.

The value, comfort, and simplicity of a stay at a Quality Inn motel make it one of America’s most beloved brands. The quality of each hotel varies by city, but it’s the same throughout the country: For a good bargain, comfortable room, and an excellent breakfast, the Quality Inn motel is always a good option for travelers to explore.

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