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Wedding Bands Jewelry - Wedding Bands: Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

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There are few elements of your wedding as important as your choice of wedding bands. Jewelry of other sorts may come and go, but wedding bands are a daily reminder of the bond you share.

When it’s time to choose wedding bands, jewelry stores provide a wider range of options than ever before. Titanium, tungsten, and mixed-metal rings join the more traditional gold and platinum bands. Nor does a wedding band need to be a simple circle of metal; inset stones, engraving, and innovative metalworking techniques add interest and personal meaning to classic wedding jewelry. In fact, the wealth of options may make it difficult to decide on a style.

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding band is its appearance. If you prefer gold jewelry, you’ll likely want a gold wedding band to coordinate with the jewelry you already enjoy wearing. If silver is your style, opt for white metals like white gold, platinum, or titanium. There are also multi-metal styles available if you enjoy wearing a variety of jewelry. Your choice of metal may limit how you choose to customize your rings; bands of titanium and tungsten are too hard for engraving and require special welded settings for gems.

The symbolism of your wedding band is another important consideration. The incorruptibility of gold, the strength of titanium, and the purity of platinum can make a statement about the relationship itself. Diamonds are the classic choice for wedding jewelry, but far from the only option; some lovely rings contain stones that speak to a couple more personally. Birthstones, favorite colors, or gems that represent the month of the wedding are possible inspirations. You might want to write your sentiments or part of your vows on your wedding bands; jewelry stores will oblige you with the latest in laser-etching technology.

Unlike most other jewelry, wedding bands are meant to be worn every day. Practicality is important. While an ornate band with deep engraving might be ideal for a scholarly groom-to-be, it may not be the right choice for one who prefers to work with his hands. A practical ring doesn’t have to be plain, though; modern metallurgical techniques allow jewelers to blend metals in novel ways that give a subtle depth to simple wedding bands. Comfort-fit wedding bands contain extra metal on the ring’s inner surface to make them conform more closely to the wearer’s finger; although slightly pricier, they’re a good choice for a person who is unaccustomed to wearing rings. Jewelry with raised settings are harder to keep clean and in good condition than low-profile designs, so consider how the band will wear over time.

Another consideration is the price of your wedding bands. Jewelry manufacturers are sensitive to cost concerns and offer similar designs in less expensive materials for couples with smaller budgets. If you see a band in platinum, chances are good that your jeweler can show you a nearly identical ring in less costly white gold. Wedding bands also come in a variety of widths; wider bands are more costly, while slimmer bands provide a similar look for less.

For women, wedding bands may pose a unique problem when fitted against an ornate engagement ring. Jewelers regularly custom-fit thin wedding bands to engagement rings if the bride-to-be plans to wear both rings on one finger. If you don’t find the perfect band for her in the case, speak to your jeweler and work on a design that will allow the bride to wear both of these deeply meaningful pieces of jewelry at once. Thin bands can be modified by trained jewelers to fit snugly against virtually any ring design. Men who wear engagement jewelry will also find this solution works for them.

Like the marriage they represent, wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime. They must look good and be wearable not only on your wedding day, but for decades. Take care when choosing your wedding bands; jewelry of other sorts may not need to stand the test of time, but the ring you receive on your wedding day surely will.

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