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Eureka Springs Bed And Breakfast - Top Five Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfasts

arsenic and old lace inn piedmont house bed and breakfast bridgeford house bed and breakfast ridgeway house bed and breakfast mount victoria bed and breakfast

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to some of the finest bed and breakfasts in the Ozarks, and visitors who are traveling to the area are sure to find accommodations that match their personal tastes if they know where to look. Here is everything that you need to know about the top five Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts, as well as a few tips on how to save a little bit of money on your accommodations.

Arsenic and Old Lace Inn

The Arsenic and Old Lace Inn is one of the best Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts catering specifically to romantic couples. This bed and breakfast is located in a Queen Anne Victorian mansion located just two blocks away from the historic downtown district of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Guests can expect to be greeted by crystal chandeliers, gorgeous rooms and a dedicated staff. The gourmet breakfast consisting of an opening fruit course followed by incredible entrees make the Arsenic Old Lace Inn one of the most popular Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts.

Piedmont House Bed and Breakfast

For less formal accommodations, the Piedmont House is one of the best Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts for business travelers and other parties who are just passing through town. The Piedmont House is located right downtown, making it a very convenient place to stay for guests who plan on spending most of their time out and about in Eureka Springs. Each room at the Piedmont House has a convenient open balcony, WiFi internet access and comfortable accommodations, and the food served in the morning is comparable to some of most expensive Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts.

Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast

The Bridgeford House offers the most intimate accommodations out of all of the top Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts. Although the Bridgeford House appears to be a modest Queen Anne Victorian home from the outside, the interior of the bed and breakfast is extensively decorated in exquisite period furnishings and gorgeous wall hangings. The guest rooms are each decorated according t o a different theme, including the Garden View Room, the Rosewater Room, the Captain Bridgeford Room and the Mary Bridgeford Room. Some of the most popular breakfasts at the Bridgeford House like the Edwardian egg casserole or the lemon cream cheese French toasts make this establishment one the most celebrated Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts.

Ridgeway House Bed and Breakfast

While the Ridgeway House is not as well-known as other Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts, this fairly new establishment is quickly gaining a stellar reputation for providing excellent guest services and accommodations. Unlike other Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts, the Ridgeway House is entirely operated by its hosts, Gayla and Keith Hubbard. The Hubbard specialize in catering to a wide variety of clientele, including family reunions, elopements and business travelers, as well as honeymoons and extended stay accommodations.

Mount Victoria Bed and Breakfast

Out of all of the Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts that are available to guests, the Mount Victoria Bed and Breakfast Inn is the only one operating in a building listed as a national landmark. The Mount Victoria building was built in 1901 as a mission church operated by the Sisters of Mercy. Today, the building has been completely restored and is an ideal place for guests to stay as they learn about the rich cultural history of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Regardless of which of the Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfasts you decide to visit, there are a few simple things that you can do to save some cash when make your lodging reservations. Depending on what time of the year you plan of visiting, you might consider inquiring which Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfasts offer season discounts, particularly during the colder months of the year. Nearly all Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfasts are willing to offer discounts for travelers who are able to make reservations a few months in advance, but many managers do not offer these discounts unless they are requested by a potential guest. If you are make reservations on short notice, you can also save money on Eureka Springs bed and breakfasts by asking owners if they are offering any last minute discounts on vacant rooms.

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Owner of Bridgeford House B & B

In addition to Mount Victoria, the Bridgeford House as well as several other properties mentioned in this article are listed on the National Register of Historic Places - US Dept of the Interior.