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Internet Security Reviews - What do the Internet Security Reviews say about the most popular Internet Security software?

paid: mcafee total protection 2010 kaspersky internet security 2010 free:

While everybody agrees that a Microsoft Windows computer must have some form of internet security, many people disagree with what antivirus software a person should use. Some people swear by paid applications for their security. Other people use only free applications, and have very good success with them. This article outlines and consolidates the internet security reviews for the top three paid and free internet security applications.


Paid applications have a number of advantages over free applications. Not the least of these is that a user gets technical support, guarantees of updates for the length of the subscription, and far more features than free applications get. This is an outline of the internet security reviews of the following most popular paid internet security applications.

Norton 360 version 4.0

Norton makes many different types of antivirus software that are all extremely popular but have very few differences from each other. Because Norton 360 is the most complete of all of these software versions, Norton 360 version 4.0 is the one that will be outlined here.
According to the reviews, Norton 360 is not an excellent performer, as few Norton products ever have been. However, the features in Norton 360 are very highly praised. Norton 360 has spam filtering, parental control, an integrated, easy-to-use firewall, backup software, live scanning, and far more. Overall, the internet security reviews say that this software is the most popular for a reason.

McAfee Total Protection 2010

McAfee Total Protection is another very popular security suite. This security suite has been very poor in he past, but the latest 2010 version, according to the internet security reviews, has greatly increased in quality and features.
Currently, McAfee total protection has an excellent firewall with a total network view, phishing protection, relatively poor removal tools but excellent detection, and poor parental controls. However, despite poor removal, it is popular because McAfee offers excellent prices for quantity licensing.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security has been a respected security suite for a very long time. While it has never had an outstanding suite, it has always been good enough. This combined with good quantity discounts has led Kaspersky Internet Security to have excellent adoption in business situations.

The internet security reviews give Kaspersky Internet Security very good reviews. As with the other software outlined here, Kaspersky has a number of extra features that are not in a typical dedicated antivirus software program. Kaspersky is most well known for a unique firewall algorithm that does not stealth but only closes ports, easy updates, excellent scan speed, and excellent spam filtering. It is perhaps only in third place because it is far more expensive than the other suites, at $80/year.


Free security programs are attractive for an obvious reason. However, these suites have far fewer features and typically do not even have an integrated firewall. Instead one has to either get a separate freeware or paid firewall or use the one that comes with Microsoft Windows. These suites also typically do not have such features as spam filtering, parental controls, antiphishing, or anything else.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is the single most popular free antivirus utility, and possibly the most popular internet security suite altogether. This antivirus program is so popular primarily because it has excellent detection rates. Also, the internet security reviews like that has real-time detection, which not all free antivirus programs have. It is not great at removal, but no worse than most paid applications. The free edition may only be used for personal use and does include banner ads that encourage a user to upgrade.

avast! Free Antivirus 5.0 (beta)

avast! Free Antivirus is a good program, but not great. The fact that it still has the beta tag is likely to highlight this. While the program remains in beta, many internet security reviews feel that it is, in fact, better than the more popular AVG free antivirus. It has excellent detection of “unwanted programs” and Trojan horses, and has better lab test results than most paid software. Therefore, avast! Free Antivirus is highly recommended.

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0

Microsoft Security Essentials has not yet gained great popularity but is notable because it was released by Microsoft. It has been receiving excellent internet security reviews and is gaining traction. There are no limitations to the license, so even businesses are allowed to use it. Scans are quick, and the program integrates well with the Windows control panel and the Windows firewall. While it may not be the most popular program, at this point Microsoft Security Essentials is probably the best choice for free internet security.

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