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Optical Audio Switch - How to Utilize Optical Audio Switches with Entertainment Devices

sound connection plug systems

Optical audio switches are convenient answers to complications that arise when wiring several different devices to the same sound system. Optical audio switches require a single connection from the sound device that you are using. You can then connect several different devices to this single device. This works great for home theater setups, multiple gaming consoles, or a combination of both. When thinking about purchasing an audio switch, there are some technical specifications that you should consider.

First, it should be noted that using an optical audio switch will not affect sound quality. The device transmits the same signal received from the input device to the output device, working much like the original connection, except it has multiple channels for multiple devices, with just one input connection. For starters, certain audio switches are compatible with different devices, so you need to choose the right audio switch for your devices. Most of the modern audio switches are compatible with blue-ray players, next generation gaming consoles, and surround sound systems.

In some cases, a special cord may need to be purchased for certain devices. For example, an Xbox 360 has an AV sound cable that typically requires three plug-ins. For an AV cable connection, you will need to purchase an audio splitter. This will allow you to plug the optical switch end into the splitter and then have the AV cables plugged in on the other end of the splitter. After all of the devices are plugged into the switch all you have to do is turn the dial to the device that you want to hear sound from. This eliminates the need to constantly switch wires around and many audio switches come with a remote for more convenient access.

Depending on how many devices you need to hook up to your audio switch you will need more or less output slots. Different optical audio switches can have from three slots up to seven. The convenience that this offers makes it a practical choice for any avid home entertainment enthusiast who multiple devices. The price range of high quality optical audio switches varies from just $15 to $40. The price largely depends on the size of the device, with models that have more output slots being larger and costing more. Most audio switches have standard capabilities when it comes to high end devices such as blue-ray players, high definition televisions, and surround sound systems.

Surround sound systems often require several plug-in slots in the back of a blue-ray play or sound player. Again, you will need to purchase a splitter, but you will need a larger one. You will be able to hide the several connections that come out of the different speakers. Optical audio switches are very simplistic in design, making them very reliable. These devices are invaluable when it comes to organizing your entertainment devices. They can be used for more devices than just the ones that coincide with the television.

An optical audio switch can be used with stereo systems, computers, and portable music players. Each one of these devices will require their own special cord. While the end that connects to the audio switch remains the same throughout, the end that connects to the device will need to coincide with the ports that it has available. There is a huge assortment of accessories that can be purchased with an optical audio switch and knowing what to buy with the audio switch will save you time and money.

Also, before buying an optical audio switch you will need to take into consideration satellite television connections. Some audio switches do not support satellite connections, so you will need to read about its technical specifications before making a purchase. However, there are cords that can be purchased that would allow a satellite box to be connected to any audio switch. These are fiber optic cables that have a cable connection on one end, with the other end being a simple AV plug-in that connects to the audio switch. Optical audio switches are very versatile devices that can adapt to new technology. They are very small in profile, making them convenient solutions to clutter and offer excellent sound control for your home entertainment devices.

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