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Cheap Travel Insurance Uk - How to Choose the Right Cheap Travel Insurance for the UK

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Debate continues whether travel insurance is necessary when travelling domestically or internationally. Increased security might alleviate many concerns, but each traveller must decide for himself or herself. When evaluating which plan or policy will suffice, several factors influence the final decision.

Coverage Limitations
When choosing a travel insurance plan, examine carefully what limitations and restrictions exist.
Mode of Travel: Does the insurance policy prohibit certain modes of travel? Rental vehicles, bicycles, taxi cabs, buses, and other modes of transportation may not be covered under a plan. Backpacking may or may not be allowed because of the personal risk.
Injury or Illness: Does the UK travel plan cover medical expenses due to injury or illness? What coverage, if any, is granted under the travel insurance policy for evacuation if required? Are emergency services covered, and if so, at what rate?
Missed Connections: Does the cheap travel insurance in the United Kingdom cover expenses due to missed flights or connections?
Duplicate Coverage: Purchasing travel insurance from travel agents or airlines, for example, may duplicate some portion of cheap travel insurance purchased independently. Because some coverage may already be included in the ticket purchase price, examine and eliminate duplicate coverage portions if possible—after determining which offers the better coverage for the cheaper price.
Travel Cancellation: If travel plans in or to the UK change, does the cheap travel insurance reimburse full cost or does it merely offer a “rain check” to travel later? Under what conditions does the clause apply and not apply?
Lost or Stolen Items: Does the cheap travel insurance for the UK cover such inconveniences as lost or stolen baggage and other personal items? Does it reimburse for costs associated with replacing a passport or visa? What kind of documentation or itemization might be required under the policy to gain reimbursement? Does it require additional security actions, such as storing high-value items in the hotel safe?
Coverage Amount: What is the maximum amount of insurance coverage offered? What are the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses required? Are there options for increased coverage?
Miscellaneous Restrictions: What other coverage restrictions or limitations does the travel insurance policy contain? What travel time frame is required or prohibited? Is there a minimum duration of travel in the UK?

For example, backpacker travel insurance policies rarely allow extended coverage for routine vehicle rentals or excursions—short, two- or three-day detours from expected itineraries into other countries and back again. Many backpacker insurance policies limit lost baggage coverage and greatly restrict medical coverage for pre-existing conditions or related conditions.

Many cheap travel insurance policies in the UK maximize coverage amounts at or near £10,000,000 and can allot that maximum among coverage categories: £2,000 for travel delays; £10,000 for medical expenses; £750 for lost baggage, and so on. Other travel insurance policies offer a tiered benefit package, such as 100% coverage for the first £2,000 then 90% thereafter; some have coverage limits by amount or by instance, but some extend coverage so long as the premiums are paid.

Travel Insurance Types
Frequency of travel can influence what type of cheap travel insurance may meet travel needs. Those who travel frequently may want to consider annual policies that have different coverage structures and rates than per-instance policies. Multiple trip packages may offer cheaper rates; annual policies may offer better travel insurance coverage in the United Kingdom.

Retirees, employees of international companies, and travellers with dual citizenship may travel often to the United Kingdom. Cheap travel insurance with extended coverage times may be the more affordable and reasonable coverage type than per-instance packages for the holiday traveller.

Student and backpacking travel insurance is often cheap in the UK. Purchase of these policies may depend on visa type and ticket verification.

After identifying the desired coverage factors, then compare costs. If necessary, request additions and exemptions that might apply to individual circumstances. Be prepared for costs to increase for additions and decrease for exemptions.

For example, an annual, multi-trip policy for the UK, starting 14 July 2010, and with baggage and cancellation coverage, for one female traveller offers premiums from £13.60 to £148.50. Differences in policy costs includes minimum per-trip duration ranging from 24 days minimum to 93 days maximum. Differences in cancellation coverages, maximum levels for medical coverage, and exact destinations effect premium prices. Deductibles, if required, do, as well, though deductibles are rarities on travel insurance policies.

Cheap travel insurance for the UK backpackers, for two people from 14 July through 31 August 2010, might require a total premium of £61.50. That two-person policy premium might include maximum coverages for medical care (note pre-existing conditions clauses) including emergency services, routine exams, and even gender-age restrictions. Excursion travel may require additional coverage and costs.

When available coverage type, duration, frequency, and itemization finally meet the traveller’s need, purchase the cheapest travel insurance for the UK and enjoy the travel experience!

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