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Highmark Blue Shield - Your Guide To Highmark Blue Shield Insurance

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Highmark Blue Shield is currently one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, serving most of Pennsylvania, all of West Virginia, and parts of Ohio. This trusted insurance provider has been diligently serving customers since 1996, when it was born from the consolidation of two separate Pennsylvania insurance companies, the Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Blue Shield.

Since its creation, Highmark Blue Shield has been a reputable not-for-profit insurance provider
dedicated to helping individuals secure affordable health care and receive the highest standard of service available. A not-for-profit insurance provider is one that invests its profits back into the company in order to help the company better serve its customers, expand, and continue to grow. Because Highmark Blue Shield is a not-for-profit organization, customers can be sure that they are receiving insurance from a company committed to meeting their individual needs.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Highmark Blue Shield Insurance?

Highmark Blue Shield has a variety of health insurance plans available to individuals from all walks of life. Highmark Blue Shield insurance can be obtained by families, recent college graduates, those that are self-employed, those that are unemployed, newlyweds, early retirees, and individuals that are eligible to receive medicare.

Highmark Blue Shield insurance is also available to those with special needs or circumstances. Highmark Blue Shield offers coverage programs based on an individual’s ability to pay, those made eligible through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, those eligible to receive benefits from the Health Coverage Tax Credit program, and those losing their Highmark group coverage.

Highmark Blue Shield also offers companies the opportunity to supply their employees with high-quality health insurance. Highmark will work with interested companies in order to meet their needs, and the needs of their employees, in an affordable way. Employers have the option of choosing from a variety of different health plans, in order to find that plan that is not only mutually beneficial to both them and their employees, but reputable and reliable.

What Are The Benefits Of Highmark Blue Shield Insurance?

There are a number of benefits that Highmark customers enjoy. One main benefit is the flexibility of the programs. Highmark Blue Shield allows customers to obtain coverage that truly meets their needs in an affordable way. For example, customers that prefer to obtain coverage for a specific doctor not originally covered by Highmark, may obtain a Preferred-Provider Plan. Customers that rarely fall ill may obtain a plan with a higher deductible, in order to lower their monthly premiums. Additionally, Highmark Blue Shield has specialized programs for those unable to obtain health insurance due to a pre-existing condition, have an uninsured child, or only require temporary coverage. Highmark is committed to working with every customer and fully meeting their individual health insurance needs.

Highmark Blue Shield also offers coverage on a wide variety of prescription drugs, for both medicare and non-medicare eligible recipients. As the cost of prescription drugs may be overwhelming for some, this is an important consideration when choosing Highmark, or any other health insurance provider. Fortunately, Highmark customers that select a pharmacy within the Highmark network will only be responsible for 10% of the cost of prescription medications, after meeting a $100 drug deductible. Additionally, customers may enjoy coverage of up to $50,000 a year on prescription medications.

How To Choose A Highmark Blue Shield Insurance Program:

Highmark Blue Shield offers programs that vary in their deductibles, co-payments, coverage limitations, services that will be covered, covered physicians, and the percentage of covered services that the plan will pay. When choosing a health insurance plan, it is important to consider all of these factors, as well as your individual budget.

Highmark Blue Shield currently offers Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO plans, that offer customers up to $1,000,000 of coverage a year or $5,000,000 over a lifetime. When a customer chooses a health care provider within the Highmark network, he or she will enjoy a co-payment of only 10% once the plans deductible has been met. However, if a customer chooses a primary care physician outside of the Highmark network, he or she will be responsible for co-payments of 30% of the cost of health care, once their deductible has been met.

Highmark customers that select a hospital within the Highmark network will also only be responsible for co-payments of 10% the cost of hospital stays, once they have met their deductible and have gotten authorization. If a hospital is chosen outside of the Highmark Blue Shield network, Highmark will still pay 70% of the cost of a hospital stay, after the customer has met their deductible.

Highmark also offers customers a number of different deductible options to choose from. Indivuidals may choose deductibles of either $1,200, $2,600, and $3,500, while family deductibles range from $2,400, $5,200, and $7,000. This gives customers the flexibility of choosing a deductible that makes sense for them, while providing a monthly premium that fits into their budget. This level of flexibility in coverage, range of price options, and great customer service is what makes Highmark Blue Shield not only one of the largest health insurance providers, but one of the most highly regarded as well.

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