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Backup Server Software - 8 Must-See Backup Server Software Solutions for Guaranteed Data Protection

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Operating a business requires you to be prepared for the absolute worst case scenario whenever possible. If your business relies on computers, then it’s crucial that you have dependable backup server software installed to ensure that your company can carry on and function with little interruption in case you encounter any complications.

Backup solutions are now readily available on the market for businesses of all sizes, including small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses, and pricing for these solutions vary accordingly. Large businesses may consider backup server software that is designed to handle high-end servers for managing their data and ensuring successful disaster recovery. Smaller businesses that are not using such robust technology will likely find the other solutions sufficient for their needs.

Below are 8 of some of the finest solutions to protect and secure your data from being lost as a result of any accident or problem.

1. Symantec NetBackup – Symantec is a leader in data protection, and so it is no surprise that NetBackup is a superb backup server software for data centers. NetBackup is a serious solution featuring integrated deduplication, simplified data protection for virtual environments, quick disaster recovery with global data protection, and an enhanced management console with increased usability. The software supports a large amount of server operating system platforms. Symantec NetBackup must be purchased through resellers.

2. BackupAssist – BackupAssist is backup server software made for servers of both small and medium business. It allows for effortless, automated business data protection through several different methods and notifies you of the results through email. The software also lets you backup your files, SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, and Windows Servers. You may also use it to back up a variety of media devices. BackupAssist is used in more than 90 different countries by thousands of businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and governments. It starts at $249.00 with discounts for educational and not-for-profit use.

3. Oops!Backup – Oops!Backup operates in the backdrop monitoring any changes to your documents, photos and any other files you are working with. When it detects any new versions of those files or changes within existing files, it will save a copy of those changes for you automatically, allowing you to reverse those changes back to any point in time. You can also search all changed versions of your documents over time and back them up to a NAS, network drive or an external USB drive. Oops!Backup also offers live file preview, pre-restore, and many other features. A free 30 day trial is available on their website, and the cost of the software is $37 with discounts on additional licenses.

4. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 – This is the next generation of Acronis True Image, featuring many more features than the previous version. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 is ideal for enterprise use as it is scalable to thousands of different machines with integrated software data deduplication. It also features enhanced visualization support and centralized control of machines to save both time and money. Acronis also offers solutions for small and medium businesses. A trial version of Backup & Recovery 10 is available, and prices vary based on the type and amount of licenses you need.

5. BRU ServerBRU Server from TOLIS Group is a leading backup server software solution providing you with client and server-based data backup, as well as recovery services for all sizes of networks. It provides the stability, performance and versatility to satisfy the backup needs of your server. BRU Server works with all major client system platforms, including Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and IRIX. BRU Server offers a simple, efficient, and flexible solution at a reasonable price. A free trial is available to test out the software.

6. ShadowProtect Server – StorageCraft promises swift and trustworthy data protection, disaster recovery, and system migration for Windows servers with ShadowProtect Server. This backup server software has a wide range of features, including customizable disk-based backup, multiple hardware recovery methods, file and folder recovery, virtual machine booting, and many other advanced features to maintain the data on your server. ShadowProtect Server is available for $995.00.

7. Handy Backup – Novosoft’s Handy Backup Server is a comprehensive Windows server-based backup server solution. It offers a range of supported storage media, with quite a few extra options and an accommodating scheduler. Handy Backup Server can help you to speed up backup and repair of any data automatically. Additionally it is among the finest tools to use for MS Exchange Server storage group backups. An evaluation version of the software is available for 30 days, and then the software can be purchased for as low as $39 based on the version and amount of licenses you need.

8. EMC NetWorkerEMC NetWorker assists you to safeguard crucial computer data through backing up at a central location with several recovery operations. You can choose replication, deduplicataion, ongoing data protection, and backup to disk over both physical and virtual environments. The flexibility of NetWorker causes it to be the perfect backup server software for all environments. An evaluation of the software is available upon request before purchasing.

Being prepared for the worst can save your business from enduring a major inconvenience and allow it to continue without any interruption. Without a doubt, a quality backup server software solution is one of the best investments a business can make to ensure its success.

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