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Business Performance Software - 13 Outstanding Business Performance Software Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive

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In today’s highly competitive world, it’s crucial that businesses and organizations have a simple, uncomplicated system in place to help track progress and achieve goals. Business performance software is designed to aid companies by allowing them to define strategic goals, and then easily measure and manage their performance. Essential functions of a quality software solution include financial and operational planning, business modeling, consolidation and reporting, monitoring, and analysis of numerous indicators that are linked to their strategy.

Here’s a look at several prime business performance management solutions that can help your business or organization grow and flourish.

1. PROPHIXPROPHIX is at the cutting end of business performance software. It enables businesses and organizations to access all of the necessary capabilities for superior performance management so that they can easily achieve their goals. An online demo, tour and free webinar are available on their website.

2. Cognos 8 Business Intelligence – Cognos 8 BI is IBM’s business performance software solution featuring a wide range of capabilities. Dashboards, scorecards, analysis, and reports can all be viewed from within a single interface, helping businesses make more effective decisions.

3. QPR Performance ManagementQPR Scorecard 8 is a business performance software tool easy and fast to put into play for businesses and organizations that are in need of upgrading from outdated reporting solutions. It requires minimum maintenance, and automatically collects data, consolidates and generates reports for easy review. Collaboration is also integrated into the software to help improve productivity. An online demo and free evaluation is available on their website.

4. SuccessFactors – SuccessFactors Business Execution Software is an integrated suite of on-demand applications used by thousands of people internationally to improve their business strategies, and boost their performance for greater success. Their solution is designed for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. SuccessFactors aims to be the future of business software.

5. Intelex BPM – Intelex Business Performance Management System (BPM) is a holistic web-based business performance software solution developed to allow establishments to enhance their effectiveness. Achievement can easily be measured with Intelex BPM by using reporting dashboards that are updated in real-time. A live demo is available on their website.

6. Infor Performance Management – Infor PM makes planning and budgeting, reporting, financial consolidation, analysis, and forecasting less complicated, swifter, more precise, and more valuable. Infor PM helps your business envision the entire process from beginning to end for improved business decisions. A free demo can be downloaded from their website.

7. Alight Enterprise 6 – Alight Enterprise 6 is an efficient business performance software solution with organizing, reporting, and multi-user collaboration built-in to a file server structure. It is made specifically for executives, line manager, and financial staff to easily work together. Product demos and a trial version are available on their website.

8. eQCM – Enterprise Quality and Compliance Management (eQCM) is the advanced web-based business performance software solution from Amadeus. It is developed for optimum versatility and simple adaptation to existing business processes. eQCM allows for quick monitoring of various reports to help your business make the right decisions.

9. Clarity 7 – Clarity 7 is business performance software that works on its own without needing any add-ons to carry out the required performance management tasks. Features of the software include budgeting, planning, reporting, forecasting, analysis, scorecards, modeling, consolidations, and more. Clarity 7 is web-based and is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

10. Host Analytics – Host Analytics’ award-winning business performance software solution is designed for mid-sized to large enterprise use. Its budgeting and planning features provides you with the facts so that you can make the best decisions for your business. Revenue planning allows for accurate forecasting, and consolidating helps improve the accuracy of reports. Host Analytics also features scorecards to measure your objectives.

11. Planning Maestro – Planning Maestro is an intuitive business performance software made for the mid-market enterprise. It automates most of the cumbersome tasks involved in the process of planning, analysis, budgeting, reporting, and forecasting. Planning Maestro moves beyond using spreadsheets, and provides remarkable efficiencies, profound visibility and enhanced speed for controlling the growth of your business.

12. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management – A long term market leader in providing business solutions, Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management aims to deliver an effective solution by integrating planning, strategy, and execution into a simple process. Oracle’s business performance software can be integrated with both Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems.

13. Corporater – Corporater provides businesses and organizations of all sizes with all that they need to implement their strategies and generate results. Corporater features performance dashboards, strategy maps, risk management, balanced scorecards, initiatives management, and much more to drive performance. A free tour of their business performance software is available on their website.

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