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Sand Water Table - How Do I Choose The Best Sand and Water Table?

children tables basin playing

When choosing the best sand and water table for your child, keep in mind the budget, space available for using and storing the sand and water table, and the age of the child. There are different sizes and unique features found on each sand and water table model. Doing some research on the different types of sand and water tables and deciding where and when your children will be using the table will help make the buying process easier.

A sand and water table is a low table with at least four legs and two basins. One side holds sand while the other side holds water. Some smaller tables only have one basin. Children can walk around all sides of the table to play in the sand or the water as they desire. The tables usually come with a few sand and water toys to be used right away, such as shovels, small buckets, and boats. Plastic or paper cups also make fun toys.

Sand and water tables are great for children aged 1 – 6, though some older children may also enjoy them. A smaller sand and water table would be best suited for a smaller child. Larger tables are great for older and taller children or for families where multiple children will be playing at the table at the same time.

Take a look at the spaces available for using and storing the sand and water table. If the area is large and your budget allows, take a look at the larger tables. If there is not a big space, take a look at the smaller ones. Some tables come with covers to keep the sand and water clean when storing, which is especially helpful if the table will be stored outside. Some covers have additional play areas on top, such as “roads” to play with cars and trucks on, which makes the toy more versatile for a child’s short attention span.

There are many different features available on the various sand and water table models. Most tables have built in waterfalls, water wheels, or other similar types of toys that require water or sand to work. Children love to fill up buckets and then pour out the contents. This is where the biggest mess comes in, as the children are almost guaranteed to mix the sand and water together to create mud.

To protect the playing children from the sun, purchase a sand and water table that comes equipped with an umbrella. This is very handy if the table will be placed in a sunny area of the yard. It will keep the children cool while playing and also protect them from sunburns.

To save space or to save money, think about purchasing a table with a single basin that can be used for sand or water. This type of table will reduce the mud that a child playing in a double basin table is sure to create. Consider the seasons and the weather and place sand in the basin during cooler days and water in the basin on hot days. These smaller, one basin tables are also great for smaller homes and apartments in which the table will be played with indoors.

Kids will get wet and messy while playing in the sand and water, which is one of the reasons why they love this activity. Parents should ensure that the play area can handle the sand and water and that the children are dressed accordingly. Keep towels handy and have the vacuum cleaner ready. Then sit back and watch the kids have fun. A sand and water table will occupy kids for hours. Watch out, they might even try to climb inside!

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