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Stained Glass Film - Rejuvenate Your Windows With Stained Glass Film

surface look cling designs

What is the view from your window? Must you look at unsightly concrete sidewalks, crumbling brick walls, or the neighbor’s nasty garbage area? Do you despair of ever being able to open your curtains or window blinds without having to avert your eyes? There is an alternative.

You can easily change the view using stained glass film. What is it? Stained glass film is a window treatment which is placed directly over the glass. It is very simple to install, and requires no special training. Window film comes in a wide variety of designs and is easily adaptable to any décor.

Window film, also known as window cling film or static cling film, is an inexpensive alternative to custom stained glass windows. You will be able to have the look you’ve always dreamed of without having to pay the exorbitant price. Decorate your windows, French doors, sliding doors, and sidelights to achieve the look that is uniquely you. Even bathroom mirrors or showers can be treated.

The designs available for purchase are many and varied. If you enjoy the Tiffany style stained glass look, many companies stock different versions of this favorite. Old style, traditional stained glass film is beautiful, too. Use stained glass flowers, leaves, or vines to accent sidelights or transom windows. All of these elegant designs are available in panels of various lengths and widths to fit most needs.

Another idea is to use corner panels. Rather than covering the entire window or door, use stained glass corner panels to achieve an elegant, graceful entrance or highlight a beautiful focal point in your yard. Alternatively, try using stained glass borders or ovals for a rich counterpoint to your décor. Film will adhere to any smooth, nonporous surface, even lexan or Plexiglas.

Static cling film is not affected by steam or moisture, so if the bath area needs an update this is an ideal solution. Just remember that it must be applied to the outside of the shower, rather than the inside, since the surface must be smooth and non-textured. Complete privacy can be achieved without blocking the light. Decorate the bath mirror to coordinate with the new shower and you will be pleased with the results.

Stained glass film adds atmosphere and style to any surrounding. They enliven the interior as well as add privacy and security. Viewed from the outside, the stained glass panels add an elegant appearance. Harsh glare and ultraviolet light are cut down immediately, so furnishings are better protected. Perhaps best of all, if tastes or needs change the film is easily replaced or removed.

Static cling film is removable and reusable. No glue or other adhesives will mar the surface being treated, so it is easy to remove or return the window to its original state. The designs are easy to trim and apply, and they install in minutes. They’re easy to clean but will look great for years.

To install stained glass film, all that’s needed are some soapy water, a spray bottle, and an applicator squeegee. With a standard window cleaner such as Windex, thoroughly clean the surface which will receive the film. Using the spray bottle, squirt a thin layer of soapy water on the surface. Place the film on the surface. It is normal to have some air bubbles under the film. Beginning at the top, gently slide the squeegee down the film. The soapy water allows the film to slide into place while the air bubbles are pushed out of the bottom and sides. Continue to gently work the air bubbles to the sides of the design. ‘Voila! The new design is complete.

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