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Colorado Institute Of Art - How to Get Admitted, Choose a Program, and Get Involved at the Colorado Institute of Art

the admission process simplified

The admissions process for many colleges is tedious. Students can beat the rush and benefit from applying early to the Colorado Institute of Art. High school juniors and seniors should start getting their portfolio together as early as possible in order to complete their application in time for the next round of admissions. This will give them the opportunity to perfect their entrance essay and make a great impression on the men and women selecting students for the Colorado Institute of Art.

The Admission Process Simplified

There are some steps a student should take prior to graduating from high school. They are:

• Visit the Colorado Institute of Art online. Request additional information about your intended program of study. Speak to an admissions counselor by phone to learn more about the process.

• Fill out the application form either by hand or via the website. Enclose the required documentation, a personal essay, a signed and completed enrollment agreement, and copies of your personal portfolio. If requested, enclose a S.A.S.E. so that materials can be returned to you once they are reviewed.

• A $50 non-refundable application fee and $100 enrollment fee must be submitted with every application. This helps cover the cost of processing the information.

• Review the application packet in its entirety before submitting any part of it. Pay special attention to grammar, punctuation, and contact information. Make sure that you provide a valid phone number and email address for the Colorado Institute of Art to contact you at.

• Attach the proper postage necessary to mail your application packet. Don’t forget to put stamps on your S.A.S.E. as well. For bulkier envelopes, it is better to have the post office weigh the item than to miscalculate the postage.

• Check your mailbox and email routinely for further information from the Colorado Institute of Art regarding the status of your admissions application.

Programs Offered By the Colorado Institute of Art

Students looking to study the following subjects will find the Colorado Institute of Art ideal:

• Art of Cooking
• Baking and Pastry
• Culinary Arts
• Culinary Management
• Design Management
• Digital Filmmaking and Video Production
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Retail Management
• Food and Beverage Management
• Graphic Design
• Industrial Design
• Interior Design
• Kitchen and Bath Design
• Media Arts and Animation
• Photography
• Video Production
• Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
• Web Design and Interactive Media

Ways to Get Involved in Campus Activities Once Admitted

Once accepted into the Colorado Institute of Art, students can take advantage of the following activities that are offered on campus:

• Volunteer opportunities with the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund, Up
With People, Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation, Red Robin’s Next Gourmet Burger Kids’ Recipe
Contest benefiting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Children’s Diabetes
Foundation and many more.

• Chances to work on a biannual, creative arts magazine called ART EFFECTS.

• Leadership and peer mentoring opportunities.

• Regularly scheduled social activities in housing including movie nights and theme parties.

• Graduation and portfolio review.

The Colorado Institute of Art has a lot to offer its students. By taking the time to get their applications in early, students speed up the process of admission and have more time to focus on their last years of high school.

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