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Send Email To Cell Phone - How to Send Email to Cell Phone Users

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Many people are surprised to discover that anyone with access to the Internet can send email to cell phone users with devices that possess text-messaging capabilities. If a cell phone or mobile device can text, it can just as easily receive emails. The sender emails the message via the cell phone service carrier who then reconfigures it into a format that the cell phone can handle. The service then relays it to the receiver.

So how does one send email to cell phone users? It all begins with knowing the service carrier. If the sender does not have that information, there is no way to send the message. Generally, it is possible to retrieve that information through free, publically available reverse phone lookups. However, these services can be unreliable at times, and if that information is outdated or missing for some reason, the sender may be out of luck. In that case, they will have to get the information directly from the person to whom they wish to send the email.

Once the sender has the service provider, it is just a matter of determining the email address. For instance, if the sender wants to email their friend Anne who has the cell phone number 555-555-5555 and uses the T-Mobile service, the addresses would be 5555555555@tmomail.net. It is not difficult at all, just a matter of appending the proper domain to the cell phone number san hyphens. Many of the proper domain addresses are obvious, but some are not. If you are unsure, this information is usually available on the carrier’s website, but here is a list of the most common service carrier domain addresses for your convenience:

• Alltel – #message.alltel.com • AT&T - #mobile.att.net
• Boost Mobile – #myboostmobile.com • Cingular - #mycingular.com
• Nextel – #messaging.nextel.com • Sprint - #messaging.sprintpcs.com
• T-Mobile – #tmomail.net • Tracfone - #cingularme.com
• Verizon Wireless – #vtext.com • Virgin Mobile - #vmobl.com

Please note that this list is basic, and it lists only addresses that redirect to the Short Message Service (SMS). Carriers like AT&T offer a wide range of domain addresses that can be used to different effect. For instance, @mobile.att.net serves as the SMS or basic catchall address, but a sender could also use @mms.att.net to use MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), which allows more complex objects than just text, such as music and video.

Additionally, senders could email to cell phone users of the AT&T service using @txt.att.net. Email sent to this address behaves a little differently than messages sent to the default address. For instance, messages sent to @txt.att.net will include the sender’s name automatically in the text message. Senders should also note that many carriers accept and correctly detect MMS and other more advanced messages through the default SMS mechanism.

As mentioned earlier, MMS allows the sender to email items like images and videos to the receiver. Messages sent via MMS can be sent cell phone to cell phone, email to cell phone, and even cell phone to email (more on that later). In order to send email to cell phone users containing videos and images, it is important that the sender embed the object within the email as opposed to attaching it. Many people make the common mistake of adding the image or video as an attachment, but what happens is that the carrier parses out the attachment during the transfer through the messaging system.

It is important to keep in mind the type of text service to which the sender is emailing the message. Picture-laden messages will likely display fine sent to @mms.att.net but information will be lost transferring them as pure text, such as sending that same email to @messaging.nextel.com. By being aware of this, the sender can construct a message with a reasonable idea of what the receiver will see on their end. Otherwise, the sender has very little guarantee that the message will be clear.

In addition to being able to send emails to cell phone users, cell phone users with text messaging can also send emails. This is quite useful for sending text messages to cell phone users who do not have text messaging capabilities. It is also a great way of sending brief messages, images, and videos, to any email address whether it is associated with a mobile device or a user’s home ISP account.

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