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Lake Geneva Resort

dining and entertainment indoor and outdoor fun

There are many different Lake Geneva resorts available to you. When you think of a Lake Geneva Resort however, there is no doubt that you imagine Abbey Resort and Spa. It is a large resort that has housed many different people that you may recognize. Famous figures who have visited Abbey Resort and Spa includes Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, and George H. Bush. This resort opened in early 1963. At the time, it was the largest Lake Geneva Resort in the Midwest. It is still a very formidable resort. It is located on ninety acres of land in Fontana, Wisconsin. You can find the Abbey Resort and Spa on the west end of Lake Geneva. There are currently 334 guest rooms. In addition, you can find meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, a marina, and a spa. There are also individual villas that can be a part of your rental program. When you come to Abbey Resort and Spa, there is no doubt that this Lake Geneva Resort wants to give you the ultimate vacation.

Dining and Entertainment

There are many different dining options available for you once you have settled into Abbey Resort and Spa. For example, Fontana Grill is one of the more popular restaurants near Lake Geneva. It is the Abbey Resort’s signature restaurant that has the atmosphere of a Midwestern steakhouse. This does not mean that it will not serve you the food that you want. You can find fresh seafood, light spa cuisine, and even small plate dinners at the Fontana Grill.

The Waterfront is a gorgeous restaurant that boasts a dining room, a bar, and a patio that overlooks the beautiful marina. You can entertain yourself while you eat with a big screen TV. On the weekends, you can entertain yourself with live acts.

The Gazebo Grill is yet another restaurant that you might enjoy. It is only open during the warm weather. This restaurant offers refreshing burgers, sandwiches, and chilling drinks.

The Help has an atmospheric yacht club theme within its walls. You will find a cocktail lounge, bar food, and even specialty drinks.

If the restaurants are not enough for you, then perhaps you will enjoy the events that are held during the summer and autumn weekends. For example, the Great Chefs Series takes place during the spring and fall weekends. At this event, you will get to enjoy food that has been prepared by famous Midwestern chefs. You can enjoy cooking demonstrations, four course dinners, and even wine seminars. Burning down the Docks is another event that takes place during the summer Sundays.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

The Abbey Resort and Spa offers many different activities that will surely keep you occupied during your stay at this Lake Geneva resort. For example, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor swimming pools that feature “Flick and Float Movies.”

You can also find an Abbey Arcade that features amazing video games, billiards, and air hockey. This is a great environment for people who are looking for family fun.

There are many different Lake Geneva attractions that might also catch your attention. This may include a Lake Geneva Cruise Line, mini golf, and a Lake Geneva Museum of History. You might also enjoy Lakeshore Path hiking, Abbey Springs golf, and Fantasy Hills Ranch horseback riding.

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