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Business Address Search - How to Find Any Business Through Address Search and Other Means

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With the proper information, locating the address of a business or a person is generally an easy task. With the name of the business in hand, it is simply a matter of using a phone book, a computer, or a mobile device, to access the information via a traditional search. However, what happens when the searcher does not have “proper” information? Is it simply a lost cause, or are there alternative means to get the information sought? Read on, and find out.

Consider the situation where the searcher knows the name of a contact within a business but no other information, such as the business name even. Does this sound far-fetched? It is actually a common occurrence at business conferences. These events are a great opportunity for the modern businessperson to expand their personal network. However, these events are often chaotic, and there are times when a person will lose or never get the appropriate business card.

If the person has held onto a name or some other useful bits of information, then not all is lost. The more bits the better. Seekers can search for business information via an address search, contact name search, and a reverse phone number lookup, just to name a few. Many of the same types of searches that we will use to find the business work just as well when searching for individuals and other entities. All searches, whether we have a contact name or not, will start, and in many cases end, with the white pages directory available online.

The amount of information that we have will dictate our success, and another important factor will be the uniqueness of that information. For instance, seeking John Smith even in a small area is like seeking the needle in the proverbial haystack. A more unusual name or some other additional bits of information may lead to the business contact’s phone number. The searcher can then call that number directly, or use a reverse phone number lookup to retrieve the address. If searching the white pages fails, move on to the search engines, which have become an excellent resource for people and business searches.

Start with Google, and then move onto Yahoo! people search. If that fails, move onto the social networks. Facebook is the biggest, and while searchers may want to start there, there are social networking search engines such as Wink that will examine the other sites too, such as Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, and Xanga. If the searcher comes up empty there, it is time to take their efforts to the “deep web”, sometimes called the “invisible web”.

Deep web search engines target web surfers who use their real names on personal webpages, blogs, online discussion, product review websites, etc. A great example of this is the Pipl search engine. Search engines like Pipl are quite effective if the contact works in an industry that uses Internet forums as a hub. A great example of this is the software development industry. Therefore, the more Internet-centric the contact’s business is the more success the searcher will have in the deep web.

If these avenues turn up nothing, it is time to turn to the reverse searches. Reverse searches use publically available information databases, such as the white pages and yellow pages, and attempt to match bits of information to a business or person in reverse. One can do a reverse business address search, a reverse phone lookup, a reverse contact match, etc. The primary issue with free reverse searches, and the reason we listed it after other resources have been exhausted, is because they usually do not work. A real reverse search is an exhaustive process, and most of the free ones are not in-depth enough to be effective. However, it never hurts to try, and one just might get lucky.

At this point, you can turn to a pay-for reverse search. There are both automated and human-assisted options. In our experience, the pay-for automated services are only marginally better than the free ones. When they hit, it generally means that the searcher could have found the information on their own with some additional legwork. On the other hand, human-powered business and people services online are fantastic, and in our tests have been able to track down strategically chosen hard-to-find information within the same business day.

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