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Social Security Forms - How to Effectively Prepare Social Security Forms for Disabiltiy

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The most important point to understand when filing for Social Security Disability, is the definition or formula the social Security Administration uses in making a disability determination. Simply filling out the social security forms and mailing them in is a sure way to get denied disability benefits. Although the Social Security Administration is attempting to become more user friendly and applying for disability is not difficult, actually obtaining disability is a complex and time consuming process. However, it is possible to avoid attorney’s fees and a long appeals process.

The first step is determining which social security forms are needed to apply for disability benefits. The forms and documents required can vary depending upon each applicant’s circumstances; however, the basic process is the same for everyone. The forms SSA-3368 and SSA-827 are needed to start the application process. The SSA-3368 is used to describe the medical condition that is causing a disability. The SSA-827 is an authorization for release of information to the Social Security Administration.

These social security forms can be obtained in a number of ways, the Social Security Administration website, the local Social Security Office, or a third party provider, usually on the internet, are the most common. A visit to the local Social Security Office usually involves taking a number followed by a long wait. For an applicant who does not have access to a computer or who is not familiar with the internet, a trip to the local Social Security Office is the best option. Printing the forms from the Social Security Administrations website is ideal. By looking at actual form, the questions asked, and the additional documentation required, a person is better prepared for the process. Applicants should never pay for social security forms. All forms are available free either online or at the local social security office. Some websites offer social security forms for a fee. Anything to make a buck. They do not have exclusive access to forms or any inside information. They do, however, have excellent marketing tactics.

Individuals may actually fill out a request for disability benefits online. This is a good option after knowing what questions will be asked. It is possible to save the application online and return to it at a later time. Questions regarding the ability to perform daily living skills or how a medical condition affects a person may seem straight forward. Again, this depends on the definition or formula the Social Security Administration uses to determine a disability. It varies depending upon the type of disability such as whether the condition is a mental illness or physical illness.

If a trip to the local social security office is necessary to obtain forms, applicants should think twice before accepting the helpful agent’s offer to assist in filling out the form. What actually occurs is the individual’s name being placed into an additional queue to wait for assistance from a representative that in most cases is going to ask questions and type in answers. This does not give an applicant time to prepare for the questions.

The application process for social security disability may seem easy at first glance. It should be and can be. However, the process, from gathering the appropriate social security forms and documentation to the determination of disability, can vary greatly depending upon how accurately questions are answered. A disabling condition is just that, disabling. Whether this is determined in 90 days or through two appeals processes and up to two years is the difference between knowing how to fill out the application and simply filling in the blanks.

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