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Mooresville Homes For Sale - Relocating? Look Into Mooresville Homes For Sale!

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One of the most popular places to move to in the past decade has been Mooresville, North Carolina. As little as twenty years ago, Mooresville was a sparsely populated farming town. Today, it’s a booming suburb. Mooresville is large enough that there are still plenty of farming areas; however, the heart of the town is filled with stores, restaurants, and attractions. It’s the perfect location for someone who enjoys living on the outskirts of town for some peace and quiet yet can hop in the car and take a 5 to 10-minute drive to be in the center of all the action.

There are many other reasons to consider moving to Mooresville. The most obvious one is that homes for sale in Mooresville are currently at a discounted price. This is due to the recent correction in real estate prices around the country. But there are many reasons that real estate in Mooresville is more likely to bounce back than in other areas. For one, it’s only 20 minutes from Charlotte. Within the past few years, there has been a lot of trouble in the banking sector. This has led to many layoffs in the Charlotte area – Charlotte is the second largest banking city in the United States behind New York. If you believe that the banks will bounce back – which is necessary for our economy to revamp – then Charlotte will be an excellent choice. And if you would prefer the suburbs over the city, then of course Mooresville will be the perfect location. To get to Charlotte from Mooresville, you simply take Route 77 from the Mooresville exit to any exit for Charlotte. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Another bonus is that since Charlotte only has 700,000 people; traffic jams are rare.

What is the average price for a home in Mooresville? That’s actually not a black and white answer. Mooresville is so large that a lot will depend on the area. If you’re looking for a farm with a lot of property, the price will be higher than if you’re looking for a home in a subdivision. And if you’re looking for a home on Lake Norman – another reason Mooresville is such a hot spot – then the price will be even higher. A home on the water in Mooresville will usually cost a little over $1 million dollars. Don’t worry. There are much cheaper homes available in Mooresville. For instance, if you purchase a home in a subdivision in Mooresville, it’s possible to pay under $200,000. This is something that cannot be found in the northeast, and it’s also a big reason people are looking for homes for sale in Mooresville. If an average price for a home in Mooresville had to be selected, it would be somewhere around $300,000.

CMS stands for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. To say that they have their problems would be an understatement. They’re over budget, constantly laying off teachers, don’t have enough space for students, and the majority of their schools are known for being poorly run. If you live any closer to Charlotte than Mooresville, this is the school district your children will be assigned to. Luckily, Mooresville has their own school district, and it’s by far a much better environment than CMS. This is another big reason families move to Mooresville opposed to Charlotte.

Another nice reason to consider moving to Mooresville is what will be east, west, and north of you. To the east, you have some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast, including the Outer Banks. To the north, you will have the Blue Ridge Mountains, wineries, and a lot of farmland. To the west, you will have the Smoky Mountains, as well as popular weekend getaway destinations like Cherokee, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Blowing Rock, Lake Lure, and Asheville. People who live in Mooresville agree that you never run out of drivable vacation destinations when you own a home in Mooresville. Not only that, but entertaining yourself locally is also easy. Popular local attractions include Queen City Landing, the Lazy 5 Ranch, and the US National Whitewater Center.

If you want to move to North Carolina and you’re looking for the perfect location, it’s highly advisable to consider looking into homes for sale in Mooresville before anything else.

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