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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough

c. underground base d. steam room e. metal gear rex

Konami launched Metal Gear Solid for the original PlayStation in September 1998. The game became legend while spawning spin-offs, prequels, and sequels as well as comics, novels, a radio serial. Here is a concise Metal Gear Solid walkthrough that allows experienced players to beat the game quickly.

Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Part I

A. Dock – Run into the water. Run to the forklift. Wait for the third guard, and then enter the elevator.

B. Heliport – Go passed the spotlights. Get chaff grenades and then stun grenades. Enter truck. Get Socom handgun. Run up steps. Crawl into vent in the upper-right corner of the map.

C. Tank Hangar 2nd Floor – Get more chaff grenades. Go right into open room, and get thermal goggles. Go down stairs in top-left corner to first floor.

D. Tank Hangar 1st Floor – Go down steps near elevator to prison cell.

E. Prison Cell – At bottom, climb ladder to DARPA Chief and Level 1 card. Return to the first floor of the hangar after shootout. Get the Socom suppressor in first room on right. Take elevator down to armory.

F. Armory – Get all C4 explosive from all available rooms. Use C4 on discolored walls to uncover items and then the passage. Enter the hall. Bomb bottom-left wall, and enter. Bomb wall at top-right corner, and enter.

G. Revolver Ocelot – Use the Socom to fight Ocelot. Never stop running, but avoid tripwires.

Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Part II

A. Armory – Open all rooms to retrieve ammo and FAMAS rifle. Return to hangar level 2. Get the mine detector and Box A. Return to hangar level 1, and contact Meryl at 140.15. Head outside to the canyon.

B. Canyon – Crawl while using mine detector to collect claymores.

C. Tank – Use chaff grenades to disable the main gun. Then use regular grenades to take out the gunner. Enter the nuclear warhead storage building.

D. Storage Building – Go upstairs, and then left to elevator. Go down to basement level 1. Retrieve Nikita launcher and missiles. Take nearby elevator to basement level 2. Use Nikita to take the electrified floor’s power source. Get gas mask in room to right. Follow the ninja.

E. Gray Fox – Use the three-hit combo to fight the ninja, and run while he is flashing. Use thermal goggles when he is invisible.

Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Part III

A. Basement Level 2 – Return to basement level 1, and meet up with Meryl. Follow her, and then clean out that area of all new ammo. Go the north hallway, enter door, and then enter the large room.

B. Psycho Mantis – The key to fighting Psycho Mantis is to use the second controller. If you only have one controller, move it to the second port for the fight. After victory, Mantis opens the passage.

C. The Underground Passageway – Crawl through the area to where the wolf-huskies are. Continue along while fighting these until reaching the passageway on the south wall. Get the diazepam and the ammo, and then crawl through the passage and another to the right. When you reencounter Meryl, punch her and then enter one of the boxes. After the dog comes, enter north door to communications tower A. After Meryl is shot, return to armory and get PSG-1. Return to tower.

D. Sniper Wolf – Fight this battle by staying back and using the walls as protection.

E. Ocelot’s Torture – This section dictates the ending. Submit to torture for the “bad” ending or not for the “good” ending. Call Otacon, and then a guard will come. When he leaves, lie down and use ketchup to fake death. When he returns, knock him out. Retrieve you gear from torture room, and then retrieve the body armor from the second level. Return to tower A, and defeat Sniper Wolf

Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Part IV

A. Blast Furnace – After defeating Sniper Wolf, head down steps to the blast furnace. There are series of fights and items to collect. At the end of the level, head toward the large door that leads to the cargo elevator. When the elevator reaches the bottom, enter the north door.

B. Vulcan Raven – Raven has a large field of vision and can hit you from almost anywhere. The large boxes are all that obstructs his view. Use them as cover.

C. Underground Base

Head north until you reach the ladder at the end of the hall. Climb all of the ladders until you reach the top of MG Rex. Go to the control room, and watch cut scene. Climb over the green protrusion to escape. Go down the ladders to reach the bottom of the Metal Gear holding. Use the mine detector to find the PAL key, which is in the water. In many cases, the key is not there. Kill all of the rats in the area until you find it.

D. Steam Room

Returns to Raven’s area, and wait for the PAL card to turn blue. Return to the underground base. Use the key at the center terminal, and then enter the steam room. Wait for the PAL card to turn red, and then return to the underground base. Insert PAL key into the last terminal on the right. Watch the cut scene. Call Otacon at 141.12 to open the door. Follow the liquid. Watch a series of cut scenes.

E. Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Rex has two forms. In the first form, use chaff grenades to stop the missiles. Use stingers when the chaff grenades have disoriented him until he is out of energy. Equip the body armor the second battle begins. After defeating Rex, using the three-hit combo to defeat Liquid Snake. During the escape, fight Liquid once again while driving Jeeps. End.

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