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Rolling Computer Bags - The Essentials of Rolling Computer Bags

rolling computer bag features rolling computer bag costs

If you’re the type of busy professional who’s more familiar with the layout of Atlanta’s International Airport than the local mall, rolling computer bags may be just what the doctor ordered – literally, if your shoulders and upper back are constantly aching from the weight of the briefcase-style, computer carry-on you’ve been toting about.

A rolling computer case allows you to maneuver quickly through a crowd without jostling your laptop computer. Laptop computers are an investment, more expensive than desktop computers of comparable memory and features. Due to the miniaturization of so many of its parts, a laptop is comparatively fragile and can easily be damaged by even the most minor bumps. If you travel often with your laptop, it’s smart to invest in one of the many available styles of rolling computer bags.

Rolling Computer Bag Features

The best rolling computer bags are designed not only to carry your computer, but also to make traveling with it as effortless as possible. Your rolling computer bag should not be any larger than the maximum carry-on luggage requirements – 45 linear inches for most airlines (total height, width, and depth.) Its shape should allow it to fit comfortably into the overhead luggage rack.

At the very minimum, your rolling computer bag should:

• Be durable
• Feature a retractable handle
• Have a system lock
• Offer a padded compartment for your computer to protect it against shocks
• Feature a second lock on the computer compartment itself as a theft deterrent
• Make the compartment the computer rests in as accessible as possible to facilitate the process of removing it quickly for airport security line checks
• Feature an easily accessible – or removable – waterproof compartment where you can store your tickets, passport and other important documents
• Offer exterior pockets where you can store your cell phone, camera and other electronics.

Optimally, your rolling computer bag will also have room for any additional stationary supplies, files or essentials you might need.

One drawback to rolling computer bags: Rolling computer bags on the whole are considerably heavier than their briefcase-style equivalents. Inevitably you will find yourself in situations where you have to carry the bag for short periods of time – say, when you’re tackling an escalator. Make sure that over-the-shoulder strap it comes with for such exigencies is padded and ergonomically designed.

Rolling Computer Bag Costs

A rolling computer bag will set you back anywhere from between $40 and $250. The less expensive models are made from less durable materials like water-resistant cloth, and are outfitted with cheaper – more easily broken – component parts. The shock absorbers in their computer compartments are often no more sophisticated than large blocks of foam. The wheels are easily derailed. The unit may break before one year is out.

In contrast, more expensive rolling computer bags can easily last you a decade – if not a lifetime. Frequently they’re made from leather, and components like zippers, wheels and the retractable handle are high quality equipment that can put up with years of rugged use.

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