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Golf Club Software - Golf Club Software to Help Select the Right Clubs

ball launch distance angle

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, golf stores usually only carry stock clubs from manufacturers that are made to fit the average sized man or woman. In order to play golf at a high level, golfers need to be fitted for clubs to match their physical characteristics with equipment that suits their build. By going to a professional golf club fitter, golfers can take advantage of the latest golf club software that is hooked up to high tech launch monitors, providing them with the perfect clubs for their individual swings.

One of the first things that golf club software on a launch monitor will show is how fast the club head is traveling at impact with the ball. The faster the club impacts the ball, the farther the golf ball will travel. In order to increase the distance that he hits the ball, a golfer will have to increase his swing speed. Lessons and working out in the gym can help to increase a player’s swing speed, but ultimately, people max out at a certain level due to their physical characteristics like height and muscle mass. Often golfers play the wrong flex shaft for their swing, robbing them of distance and accuracy. The flex of a golf club shaft is a measurement of the amount that it bends during the swing and is dependent on the swing speed of the golfer. Using golf club software and a launch monitor, fitting professionals can know the exact club head speed of a golfer and choose a golf club shaft to match their swing characteristics. Golfers using a shaft that is too stiff will lose distance and tend to slice the ball, while golfers that use shafts that are not stiff enough will suffer from lack of control and hooks.

When used with a launch monitor, golf club software can also show the direction and trajectory of a golf ball as it flies in the air and even after it lands. The trajectory that a golf ball flies is dependent on many things including spin rate, launch angle, velocity, and air resistance effects, all of which can be measured using software. The goal of the club fitter is to find the right golf club that will optimize each of these factors, allowing the golfer to hit the ball farther and with more accuracy.

One of the most important factors that determines the distance that a ball will travel and its accuracy is the spin rate of the golf ball. When a ball is hit with a golf club, software on the launch monitor computer will analyze the video or Doppler radar data to estimate the rate and direction that the golf ball is spinning. Optimal spin rates on a golf ball hit with a driver should be between 2000 and 2500 rpm. If the spin rate is too high, the ball will have a tendency to fly too high or off line, robbing the player of accuracy and distance. During the fitting process, the club fitter will keep giving a golf club to the player until the launch monitor shows consistent spin rates within the optimal range.

When contact is made with the ball with a golf club, software on the launch monitor will also measure the angle at which the ball takes off from the ground. The launch angle has a tremendous effect on the trajectory of a ball and therefore influences the total distance and accuracy. Golf club fitters try to optimize a player’s launch angle with a driver at approximately 14 to 15 degrees. This angle provides the maximum carry distance and roll after landing to give the golfer his maximum driving distance. If the launch angle is too high, the golf ball’s trajectory will be too high, sacrificing distance. If on the other hand, the launch angle is too low, the ball will not spend enough time in flight and hit the ground too soon. Having the proper combination of optimal launch angle and ideal spin rate will give the golfer the best chance to hit a long, high flying drive.

By using software, golf club fitters can help any golfer maximize their distance and accuracy, two keys to play golf at a high level. By having properly fitted clubs, golfers can eliminate one potential source of doubt if they should hit an errant shot.

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