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Health Administration Jobs - Health Administration Jobs are In Demand

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Health Administration Jobs are In Demand

The market for health administration jobs continues to grow all over the country. While other sectors of the workforce are reporting very few opportunities for employment, the demand for medical billing, coding, and transcription professionals has steadily risen over the last decade. This is why many individuals have made the decision to go back to school, either online or in the classroom, to earn an associate’s degree in healthcare management or to become certified in billing or coding. There are a variety of different health administration jobs that are available in hospitals, clinics, private practice offices, and rehab centers. The following sections provide details on the duties, responsibilities, and salaries of different health administration jobs.

Medical Transcription
When physicians and other medical staff meet with patients, audio recordings are made as a quick way to record important patient details, like diagnoses and treatment methods. Medical transcriptionists then listen to these recordings and transcribe them into various medical reports. Such reports can include examination records, discharge reports, autopsy findings, progress notes, and operative records. In order to record accurate information, transcriptionists must have an acute attention to detail, as well as a firm understanding of medical terminology and human anatomy.
Medical transcription is one of the most versatile health administration jobs because transcriptionists have the ability to work in the office or out of their homes. Thanks to technology, dictations and transcripts can be quickly sent to and from personal computers, allowing the transcriptionists to focus on their work from the comfort of their own home. The average starting salary for a certified transcriptionist is just over $32,000/year, a considerably higher starting pay when compared to other health administration jobs.

Medical Coding
Medical coding professionals directly work with patients’ medical records and other documents. Using these records, medical coders read the different diagnoses, illnesses, and treatments, and assigns each one a specific alphanumeric code. These codes are used for billing purposes, insurance claims, and for establishing healthcare statistics. Medical coders must be knowledgeable of all the various medical codes, understand medical terminology, and become familiarized with the different private and government-run insurance providers.
In some cases, medical coding can be done from home, but most coders work in the billing office of a healthcare facility. The starting salary of a certified medical coder is $28,600/year, on average.

Medical Billing
Medical billing professionals keep the money flowing into their medical practice. They are responsible for inputting patients’ data into the practice’s computer system, which then creates insurance claims and other invoices. By working with collections agencies, insurance providers, and handling patients’ questions, medical billing professionals attempt to collect payments in a timely fashion.
The job requires strong computer and interpersonal skills, foundational knowledge of business practices, and an understanding of medical terminology. The average annual salary of an entry-level medical billing professional is around $28,300.

Medical Administrative Assistant
Becoming a medical administrative assistant is an excellent way to break into the healthcare field. The administrative assistant is responsible for scheduling appointments, assisting with patients’ questions, managing files, and many other things that keep medical offices running efficiently.
The position requires less training than other health administration jobs, which allows individuals to begin a career in healthcare administration, while possibly working towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the field. Starting annual salaries for medical administrative assistants begin around $24,000, but can increase significantly with experience.

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