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Cheap Business Web Hosting - Getting Cheap Web Hosting For Your Business

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These days, reliable web hosting packages are getting more affordable. With the way the Internet has exploded over the last decade, it is expected that you will do at least a portion of your business online. Whether the reasons for having a site dedicated to your business are advertising related or for doing transactions online, it just has to work. Registering a domain name with your company name now costs as little as ten dollars. For an additional cost, you can get full-time hosting with a dedicated server and site building tools at your disposal. The days of costly fees to a graphic html coder for a site are behind us. Justhost.com offers an introductory one-year package with a site and dedicated hosting for one year for just seventy dollars. They’ve received rave reviews across the board for their excellent customer service and quick responses to inquiries and troubleshooting. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular web hosting companies on the market. Similarly, Godaddy.com will register your domain name for a nominal fee, and they, too, offer affordable web hosting packages for all different budgets. When it comes to choosing a template or platform on which to build your site, Wordpress is widely popular. There are other site builders and templates available to you, and many of the best options are included with your subscription to Justhost.com when you register a site and sign up for web hosting. A business no longer needs to take a huge chunk of money out of its IT department’s budget for a web site. Business web hosting requires a different set of priorities than that of a blog or personal site, but the principles and cost are the same. Regardless of the amount of experience you’ve had with designing web sites, from advanced to no experience at all, web hosting is now easy enough even for a novice. Places like Godaddy and Justhost are ready to help you with any design problems along the way, and they have proven to be helpful in getting the design and layout the way you need it to be for your business. Another fantastic place to host your web site for business is at bluehost.com. They offer web hosting for $3.95 a month, and that includes a free domain name for your company. Bluehost.com was voted the 2010 best web hosting site. Similarly, hostmonster.com offers the same great price as bluehost.com, plus a refund policy that allows you to cancel your subscription at any time with a prorated refund, and more than fifty free once click applications.

There is no reason not to sign up for cheap web hosting now that it has become so accessible to laymen, not just experienced IT professionals and html coders. The benefits are many. If your business is retail, you can easily set up a cart system that allows you to sell your products online. If you provide network support or do consulting, you can advertise your business and reach new customers via web search and email. You can use your site to promote your business and spread word of mouth no matter what your trade or niche happens to be. Sole proprietors and small business owners can also take advantage of the benefits of promoting their business online through cheap web hosting. You can set up a basic page or two telling people about your business, what you do, how long your company has been in existence, and set up a contact form to make it easy for people to get in touch with you for estimates or other inquiries. Some web hosting companies have periodic specials and trial periods, too, to let you try out their services first. Justhost.com has a generous trial period with a risk free, no obligation money-back guarantee. It is well worth the relatively small investment to expand your company’s reach into new frontiers, new customers, and a worldwide customer base if you wish to have one. It is now very common for businesses to do all of their transactions exclusively online. Whether this fits your business model or not, having a web presence in today’s global market is nearly essential. It allows you to get your brand across to hundreds of thousands of people without having to pay for expensive cold calling and direct mail methods of advertising. The potential for innovation is endless. You can often receive discounts from web hosting companies for extended subscriptions to your web hosting packages. There are lots of ways to save money. In today’s global marketplace, one of the most important investments you can make is to purchase a web site to promote your organization.

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