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Siena Italy Hotels - Hotels in the Heart of Tuscany

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Siena is largely considered the traditional heart of Tuscany. This city retains its traditional appearance and style, making it an excellent escape from the modern into something more relaxing, more tranquil.

There are dozens of hotel options in and around Siena. Some of the best are located in the countryside outside the city. There is an option for just about any budget or purpose. The following two hotels—both just outside Siena—stood out from the rest for the unique and dramatically different experience each provides.

1. Hotel Certosa Di Maggiano: This hotel, located in a renovated monastery outside Siena to the south (about 2km from the city centre) is one of the best picks for relaxing luxury. The number of amenities and options at Certosa is so vast the hotel is a vacation resort all in itself. Free parking is provided (and a car would be necessary if you plan to go anywhere beyond the hotel). The hotel services a small number of guests (only 17 rooms) which means those guests get higher quality service. The hotel contains a pool, sauna, small fitness room, wellness center, and seasonal dining. Bike rental is available for those who want to explore the picturesque Tuscan countryside. The hotel itself is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The hotel offers some guided tours the most exciting of which is undoubtedly their hot-air balloon rides. The hotel even has internet access, although a hefty charge is applied. To top it all off, Italian cooking and language courses are offered right in the hotel. All of these services come at a price, however. The hotel was one of the most expensive on the list at over €100 a night at the cheapest. That does not include extra charges for all the special services and tours. Many customers considered the hotel to be overpriced. Even so, it is difficult or impossible to find so many options located in a single spot. For those willing to float the cost, Hotel Certosa Di Maggiano is a one stop shop for the complete, relaxing, and authentic Italian experience.
2. Antica Fonte Residenza Di Siena: This hotel, located in the hills north of Siena, is a renovated Italian villa that is privately owned and operated. This hotel stood out for the unique experience it provides travelers. It is perfect for the extended stay of two weeks or longer. Guests stay in apartment style rooms complete with a kitchen, refrigerator, and washroom that can fit up to four people. The hotel is far enough outside of Italy that a car is highly recommended to get around, although bus service into the city is nearby. The villa has an excellent view with a garden and outdoor Jacuzzi. Of all the hotels in Italy, it seemed one to make yourself the most at home. The owners are true Italian and do not speak English. It is a good idea to have a grasp of basic Italian if you plan to stay here. The biggest downside to this hotel was its lack of in-house food options. Guests are expected to stock and cook their own meals or go out to eat. Despite this lacking, guests seemed very pleased with the stay. It is a perfect, economical choice for larger groups and families. It is very close to Chianti wine country and a local vineyard supplies wine to guests as part of the room charge. The price is practical at €65-100 a night.

These are by far not the only options available. When choosing hotels in Siena, Italy, it is best to think small. The most authentic and relaxing choices are almost guaranteed to have fewer than 20 rooms unless you are looking for business meeting accommodation. Looking outside the city a bit is also a good practice if you are looking for tranquil retreats. When looking inside the city, look for bed and breakfast locations that will provide authentic, personalized service. Siena, Italy offers so many interesting and unique choices, travelers should think outside the box when choosing their accommodations.

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