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Lexar Memory Cards - How to Read a Lexar Memory Card

using a computer using a mobile phone using a camera

You’ve probably seen small memory cards that are designed for various devices including cameras, mobile phones, laptops, etc. They are small cards that can be inserted into the devices, and they can have data stored on them just like a hard drive on a computer. Lexar is an example of a company that makes these small cards, and knowing how to read a Lexar memory card will help you to read and use the information on the card.

Note: Memory cards come with different storage capacities. For example, a memory card might be able to store 1 GB of data. This means that the card can hold approximately 300 songs if you like storing music files. The bigger the size of the memory card, the more data it can hold. Likewise, the more data the memory card can hold, the higher the price of the card it will be.

Using a Computer

To use a Lexar memory card with a computer, the computer must have a card reader that the card can correctly fit into. There are different sizes and types including PCMCIA, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, MMC (Multimedia Card), SmartMedia, etc. Newer laptops actually come with card readers installed on board making it easy to use a Lexar memory card with them. Once you’ve correctly inserted the card into the card reader for the computer, you’ll be able to click on “My Computer” and see your card there. You can double-click the drive and see the files there, and you can copy them over to your computer or you can move files onto the memory card. You can even open the files up and view them (that is if they are compatible with your computer).

Using a Mobile Phone

Some newer mobile phones support memory cards so that users can store music, documents, and other files on them for on-the-go access. Usually these memory cards can be slipped into the phone behind the battery or on the outside of the phone. Remember that you should turn the phone off before inserting a memory card into it. Once you’ve inserted the Lexar memory card in the phone, power it back on, and the device should detect the memory card. You’ll be able to see and open/read the files that are compatible with the phone. You can also transfer files to it with the phone and delete them as well.

Using a Camera

Other people like to use memory cards for their digital cameras. Because such detailed images can be taken with a camera these days, more and more space is needed to store these photos. Generally, cameras do not come with a large amount of space to store photos, and using a memory card in the camera is almost inevitable. Usually memory cards can be slid into the camera on the sides or bottom. Finding the card reader slot might require opening small doors or flaps.

Once you’ve slid the card in, you’ll be able to store lots more photos on it. You’ll also usually have a choice if you would like to store photos in the camera’s memory or the card’s memory. If you are wanting the camera to write all of the photos you take to the card, you’ll need to adjust this option in the settings. The card can later be taken out and slid into another device or a computer to read and use the files.

How to Read a Locked Lexar Memory Card

You might come across a problem while using your Lexar memory card where the card will be “locked” and the data stored on it cannot be accessed or read. You might not even be able to write or store anymore data on it. This is usually not an electronic issue. It’s actually a physical issue with the card itself.

You will first need to remove the card from the device and hold it in a well-lit area. Next, you’ll need to search the Lexar memory card for a small switch. This is in place so that you can choose to toggle writing data on and off. Switch it to the “On” position and then re-seat the card in the device. This should clear up any reading or writing problems.

In the case that this does not fix the problem, you might need to remove the card again and then toggle the small switch between “On” and “Off.” This has proved to be a working solution for many and it does not damage the card.

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