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City College San Francisco - What Can San Francisco Community College Do for You?

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Accredited by the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), Northern California’s San Francisco Community College (SFCC) has 11 campuses through out San Francisco: Airport, Castro/Valencia, Chinatown/North Beach, Civic Center, Downtown, Evans, Fort Mason, John Adams, Mission, Ocean and Southeast. Established in 1935, it provides affordable academic courses, vocational training and personal development courses to the community and the world. The school also offers a wide range of community events such as sports, music, theater, movies and guest speakers.

Student Population
SFCC students come with diverse motivations and come from diverse backgrounds although they are more likely to be female than male. Asians make up the largest ethnicity followed by Whites and Hispanics. Students include those soon to enter the work force as well as those who have already left.

Academic Programs
With more than 50 academic programs, a wide variety of courses, certificates and degrees are available. Students may earn an AA or AS degree in varied programs such as Business, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, Nursing and much more. Students may also complete general education requirements to transfer to a 4-year university or college or they may explore topics of personal or professional interest.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)
With more than 100 programs, students can earn professional certificates or degrees, sharpen current job skills or transition to a new career. Students may choose credit or no credit programs and/or courses depending on their needs. For example, San Francisco Community College’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program is well respected as it was the first of its kind in the nation. Students can choose an Associate in Science degree in Culinary Arts, Hotel Management or Food Service Management.

Economic & Workforce Development Program (EWD)
California community colleges participate in the Economic & Workforce Development Program (EWD)as part of California state’s vision to develop a globally competitive workforce. Schools compete with each other to host various development centers which involve providing support to local employers and workers and assisting other colleges in the area. San Francisco Community College hosts 6 such such centers: Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy (ATTE), California Applied Biotechnology, Center for Advanced Competitive Technologies, Center of Excellence, Regional Health Occupations Resource and Small Business Development Center.

Distance Learning
For students who have schedule conflicts or distance from a campus makes taking a course problematic, distance learning offers a unique solution. Although students do not attend classes on campus, there are still scheduled assignments, quizzes, exams and so on to complete during the course of the semester. There are 3 forms of distance learning offered at SFCC: online courses, hybrid courses or telecourses. Online courses do not require any on-site meetings or orientations on campus. Hybrid courses may require an on-site orientation, periodic on-site meetings during the semester and/or an on-site final examination. Over 30 programs are offered in the online or hybrid format with the Business, Computer Networking & IT, and general Computer Science departments offering the largest number of courses. Telecourses require on-site orientation and exams at the Ocean campus. The classes are available on San Francisco local cable TV channels 27 and 75. All classes may be recorded for convenient viewing and review. The Fall 2010 telecourse rooster includes 10 different courses from a variety of programs such as Art, Business, History, Health Science, Law, and Religion.

Programs for International Students
Qualified international students may attend any of the San Francisco community college campuses. In addition to financial requirements, students must have a TOEFL score of 473 or an IELTS score of 4.5 to attend. Those with lower scores may apply for conditional admission. In this case, the student will attend an Intensive English Program and then take the institutional TOEFL examination. With a score of at least 473, the student will then be admitted to the Academic Program. International students must enroll in at least 12 semester units of courses and keep a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

Reasonable Tuition Rates
A typical course is worth 3 semester units. The 2010 tuition rate for California residents is $26 per semester unit while it is $209 per semester unit for non-residents including international students. International students are, additionally, required to enroll for a minimum of 12 semester units.

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