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Construction Project Software - Review of Construction Project Software

e-builder hard dollar heads up procore

Construction project management is a demanding and exacting task. It requires a hard nosed, no nonsense individual who is well acquainted with the procedures of construction and experienced in dealing with contractors and sub-contractors. Project management construction software was created with the rigors of this person’s role in mind. Five different project management software packages for construction are reviewed here.


E-Builder claims to be the foremost provider of completely integrated project management and capital program software available for the biggest and best owners of facilities and the firms which operate at their bequest. E-builder Enterprise is the software designer’s principal product offering. E-Builder enterprise boosts the execution of capital projects, leading to better quality and production, speedier project delivery, and reduced costs. It also offers scheduling, reporting, cost management, document management, and business process and work flow features, all in a single, easy to utilize, Internet based program package.

The key elements which differentiate this product from its competition are as follows:

- It involves a phased, modular implementation
- The quickest, least risky deployment of enterprise forms of software, with speeds up to seventy percent faster
- Backed up by McGraw-Hill
- It is devoted entirely to bettering the life cycle of the capital project
- Does not require either third party software or applications
- It is completely intuitive and integrated and built from the bottom up as a single system
- Easily integrates with all types of financial and back office software, including Oracle, SAP, Lawson, among others


Another project management construction software available today is EADOC. EADOC offers a secure and quick, as well as simple to utilize, Internet based project management application. It enables construction managers and actual facility owners to better exchange their information and project documents all electronically with project architects, contractors, consultants, and engineers. Through such exchange of documents including submittals, RFI’s, drawings, and change orders via electronic transmission, construction managers decrease rework, project delays, and costs of overhead on the capital projects.

As a solution which is hosted, EADOC does away with the requirement of clients having to install and then maintain costly software and hardware. The key features which differentiate it from the competition in the marketplace are the following:

- No required downloads for this completely Internet based application
- IT administrator not needed
- Simple to utilize with only two or three hours of total training time
- Automatic building of work flow using standardized industry practices
- Pricing is based on a per project and not per user program

Hard Dollar

A third construction project software available is the Hard Dollar platform. Hard Dollar is useful for improving a project user’s visibility, accuracy, costs, and control pertaining to Project management, estimating, earned value, scheduling, project control, earned value management, resource management, and cost control. The award winning concepts in Hard Dollar are utilized by literally thousands of individuals around the world for mobile time sheets, schedule integrating, and accounting integrating.

The key features which distinguish Hard Dollar from the rest are as follows:

- Earned Value Management
- Live Schedule Integration
- Mobile Time Sheets
- Live Expenses Library Feeds
- Internet based Reporting
- Multiple Jobs’ Cost Comparisons

Heads Up

A fourth such project management software for construction is Heads Up. Heads Up’s Construction Project Manager, which is fully integrated, allows builders and contractors to boost profits, all the while reducing risk, through integrating every aspect of construction relevant data into a single, simple to learn and operate system which is Internet based and can be accessed from any place at any time. Heads Up builds in scheduling, bid solicitation, resource management, document management, job costs, field reporting, alerts, and executive reports to relevant data which is exchanged with a variety of heavily utilized accounting and estimating programs.

Heads Up proves to be the only such Internet based set up of its kind which integrates scheduling and various other activities for project management. It is also unique in finding and identifying significant changes from the plans on a daily basis. The program has earned a wide variety of awards, such as the Editor’s Choice from Construction Executivie and the hottest from Constuctech Magazine.


A fifth and final Construction project management software is Procore, which proves to be potent contractor management software. The platform is created with the intent of being utilized in the field, by the job site superintendent. Procore is especially useful in RFI’s, managing project scheduling, punch lists, communications, photos, change orders, and document integration from a single, simple to work with, Internet based platform. Procore prides itself on its software being easily learned in one day using the phone based, free customer training. Projects ranging from big commercial projects to higher end custom built homes find application for the software.

Procore’s key distinguishing features are as follows:

- Full of features and still very affordable
- Simple to learn design for field superintendents
- Internet based application
- Fully integrated to Microsoft Project
- Completely free support and training over the phone

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9 months ago

Really interesting write-up, but I would recommend that you also include GenieBelt in your list. It's a construction project management software and mobile app that help everyone working in construction to complete its project faster and easier.

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