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Vancouver Rental Cars - Factors to Remember in Vancouver Rental Cars

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Anyone coming to visit beautiful Vancouver, Canada should know that there are myriads of lovely, breathtaking drives which can be enjoyed all along the Vancouver coastline, with numerous wonderful bridges to drive across, and countless little charming towns that are well worth visiting in their own right. Besides this, driving around Victoria on Vancouver Island is an attention grabbing past time, as is the road to Whistler, site of many of the 2010 Winter Olympic games. For the person who is not planning on bringing his or her own car on up to Vancouver, then he or she should rent one so that the person is not restricted to the confining area around the hotel chosen. It proves to be a significantly less expensive means of transportation while on vacation than pouring money down the drain of boats, buses, taxis, or trains any time the vacationer wishes to go somewhere. On top of this, having the Vancouver rental car is a great convenience and comfort in being able to make a schedule and literally come and go at will. There are several important factors to keep in mind in picking out Vancouver rental cars.

First the traveler will no doubt be glad to learn that Vancouver rental cars are simple and effective to obtain. There are a vast range of rental car companies from which to select. These are commonly available in the major cities of North America. Among them are Avis, Hertz, Dollar, and Budget, all of which do a reasonable job at renting cars. Anyone who loves to research and compare can start the rental car search at the Consumer Reports online website to investigate the track records of these various car rental companies. The person will have a choice of location for renting the Vancouver rental car, too. It could be rented at the airport to which the individual flies. Alternatively, these various car rental firms have offices located around Vancouver.

For the best prices on Vancouver rental cars, the individual should not forget that rentals over the weekend are commonly more reasonable. Do not forget to bring along any promotional codes or coupons. These can offer significant discounts, when the person is a member of a frequent flier program or the AAA automobile club. Be sure to talk with these groups in advance to learn which of the car rental companies honors their various discounts. Reserving a rental car in advance of arriving at the rental location will increase the odds of obtaining the make and model which is desired, and will certainly help with the price offered versus simply walking up to the location. Business travelers should keep all receipts from the venture, since these will likely qualify for a nice business trip tax write off.

The debate goes on regarding taking, or not taking, the rental car’s insurance policy. One thing to keep in mind is that accidents happen. The absolute worst place to be involved with one is while on vacation. Vancouver rental cars’ agencies cover this problem by offering the insurance policies. With the various different road signs, rules, and measurement system in place here (kilometers instead of miles), the person should take care. Driving in the winter time can mean dealing with rainy or snowy weather conditions, too. Better to be safe than sorry and take the insurance policy.

Another element to consider in getting Vancouver rental cars lies in looking out for sometimes sneaky charges. This should be done in advance of signing paperwork and driving away from the rental location. There are sometimes significant drop off fees involved, mileage rates, airport surcharges, and gas tank refill charges. Choosing the economy size of rental car will make for a more economical Vancouver rental car. Conversely, large vehicles cost significantly more and require greater amounts of fuel. It is important to keep in mind that when car rental companies make reservations for economy sized cars and then do not have any in stock upon the individual’s arrival, they will typically upgrade the person to the next class up at no extra charge.

A last thing to keep in mind when taking on Vancouver rental cars is that it is important to engage in a vehicle inspection with the car rental agent responsible for renting the car. Pre-existing damage should be discovered and noted right on the car rental paperwork, otherwise, the person will likely be made to pay for any of it upon the return of the car. Dents, scratches, dings, and gouges should all be notated, along with the miles shown on the speedometer. Do not forget to have a copy of this paperwork in the car, in case there are any problems when it is time to return the vehicle to the agency.

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