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Laserjet 4 Toner - Toner Laserjet 4

printer cartridge hundred pages

The HP built LaserJet 4 printer is in an impressive class all by itself. For all around workability and overall utility, the printer definitely exceeds all demands made on it with flying colors, particularly where meeting the high performance needs of the present day business is concerned. As an astonishing, multiple use, business professional, the LaserJet 4 utilizes HP LasterJet 4 toner to provide stunning printouts dependably and quickly, no matter how large and complex the job may prove to be.

For any business or organization that utilizes the monochrome printing process in any significant quantity, the HP LasterJet 4 with its HP LaserJet 4 toner is a must have piece of equipment. The printer is a reasonably priced $120. This turns out to be an insignificant upfront investment as compared to competing printers that possess similar capabilities and performance results.

Thanks largely to the toner of the LaserJet 4, the print quality is all around very impressive. The printouts themselves are created at a rate of eight pages per minute while set on six hundred by six hundred DPI resolution. For texts printed at twelve point type or smaller, the printer and toner still prints out good stroke weights and fine lines, and of course the bigger fonts are crystal clear with no jagged edges apparent. Graphics and gray scaling come out at better than average quality, not leaving any white areas unprinted. With the three hundred and fifty sheets of paper holding tray, the LaserJet 4 does not require paper tray refilling so often. It is no surprise that the HP LaserJet 4 printer and toner for the LaserJet 4 are typically called among the most dependable workhorse machines available to be purchased these days.

These HP LaserJet 4 printers come standard with a trial size HP LaserJet 4 toner cartridge. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is not exaggerating when it claims that this is a “trial size toner cartridge.” It will in fact need to be replaced shortly after installing it and beginning to print with this laser printer. After the first one hundred pages have been printed, the toner cartridge will begin to want replacing. The full sized, typical LaserJet 4 cartridges commonly produce approximately six thousand and eight hundred pages, assuming a five percent paper coverage rate. This machine furthermore brags of a quite impressive twenty thousand pages duty cycle for each month. These toner laserjet 4 cartridge replacements come in at about $31.99 each.

Utilizing these LaserJet 4 toner cartridges is simple, as already noted. But equally simple and hassle free as the utilization of the toner is the minimal effort required to change the HP printer cartridge itself. The exact model of HP toner cartridge which the LaserJet 4 uses is the HP 98X (model number 92298X) toner cartridge. It contains thirty percent more ink than the HP 98A cartridge does. The HP 98X proves to be a high yielding toner cartridge which is made for the business person who requires maximum quality in his or her daily work output. It is both simple to install and utilize, and can print as many as eight thousand and eight hundred pages. As the HP 98X turns out to be an all in one toner cartridge, it does not need a separate drum to be purchased in order to utilize or replace it. It is the specific toner cartridge which is created to work without a flaw in the individual’s HP LaserJet 4 printer.

Using the LaserJet 4 toner cartridges, the printer itself delivers an awe inspiring set of results, in order to produce among the most beautiful and exact printouts available on the market today. The printer speeds and its resolution are not second class to any other rival. Because of this, the LaserJet4 printer and toner cartridge proves to be an amazing choice for all organizations, which will certainly impress the firm’s owners, managers, and employees. Perhaps the greatest single endorsement of the HP LaserJet 4 printer and toner cartridge combination remains that although it has been discontinued as a currently manufactured printer, the LaserJet 4 and its toner cartridge are still highly sought out solutions, even though they can only be purchased as refurbished printers now. Thanks to its well deserved and justly earned reputation as being a true workhorse printer, the HP LaserJet 4 printer and toner are certain to last the business person for many long years to come.

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