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Panama City Beach Florida Condos - How to find and choose Panama City Beach Florida Condos

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How to find and choose Panama City, Florida Condos

Panama City Beach is located in the panhandle, or northwestern, Florida. It is directly on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City Beach advertises itself as the location of “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches,” due to its bright white, powdery sand. It has become a popular vacation destination, for residents of the Southern United States.

When choosing to vacation in Panama City Beach, one might find it difficult to decide on a Panama City condo. One of the wonderful things about choosing a condominium over a traditional hotel room, is that the condo has most, if not all, of the comforts of home. A full kitchen allows families to prepare meals and dine at the condo, eliminating the need, and the cost, of eating out for every meal. In today’s economy, budget vacations are becoming a must.

Not all Panama City condominiums are created equal. While all will have sweeping views of the pristine Gulf of Mexico, and a front row seat on the sugary-white sand, different locations in the city will be the deciding factor for most families. US Hwy 98 extends from the East Coast of Florida to Mississippi. It runs directly along the beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. In this area, it is called Front Beach Road. Along one section of Front Beach Road, Thomas Drive forms a semicircle, with both ends connecting to Front Beach Road. This is the only section of Front Beach Road that does not have a direct view of the sand and surf. Here, Thomas Drive is the road with beach access. On the eastern portion of Front Beach Road, and along Thomas Drive, visitors will find most of the hustle and bustle of Panama City Beach. There are a variety of restaurants, shops, bars, and attractions. This is not the area for a family seeking an extremely quiet vacation, as the activity continues long after the sun goes down.

Those seeking a Panama City condo on the western portion of Front Beach Road, farther west of the Thomas Drive area, will be delighted to find a variety of rather new Panama City Florida condos. This area was once known as “The Miracle Strip,” but was renovated and changed to an area solely for condos within the last decade. This area of Panama City is quieter, but there is no shortage of beautiful beach or water here!

Another factor to consider when choosing your Panama City condo is the type of amenities offered. Are you seeking a pool, multiple pools, fitness facilities, concierge services, special amenities for children? Many Panama City condominiums offer some or all of these amenities. Any visitor should be able to find something that suits their travel needs. The newer condos seem to be paying a little more attention to detail in regards to the amenities offered. They are recognizing that children often accompany their guests, and kiddies pools, splash pools, and lazy rivers can often be found lurking behind, and even underneath some newer buildings.

As you search for your Panama City condo, consult travel websites, Panama City Beach’s Chamber of Commerce, and travel guides to choose the place that is perfect for you and your family. Given the vast number of choices available today in such a popular vacation destination as Panama City Beach, Florida, one should not have to find themselves making a sacrifice in any area to select the amenities and perks their family needs and wants. Once you have chosen the perfect place, pack your sunscreen and flip-flops, and prepare yourself to enjoy your front-row seat on the sugary-white sands of Panama City Beach.

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