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Unlimited Domain Web Hosting - Choosing the Right Unlimited Domain Web Hosting Service

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An unlimited domain is one that provides ‘unlimited’ bandwidth and storage. These hosting packages have always been popular, but lately we have seen their popularity rise due to increased demands on website bandwidth. For a high-traffic site, unlimited domain web hosting offers webmasters cost-effectiveness and an incredible amount of flexibility. However, an unlimited domain is not always the right webhosting choice. In the case of a smaller site, it may be a matter of spending unnecessarily.

Let us start with the basic. Despite the term ‘unlimited’, these packages are limited because to do otherwise would be a recipe for going out of business. Hosting providers generate a profit from unlimited hosting by sharing resources over several or more websites. They are relying on the fact that they can offer ‘x’ but that website a, b, and c, will never all need ‘x’ at the same time. Most upstanding service providers are open about what unlimited service really is.

There are, of course, less-reputable providers that will swear by their unlimited service. However, if you do a little digging, you will find escape routes buried in their ToS (terms of service) that allow them to break contract when a website exceeds ‘fair use’. Service generally define fair use by average usage, which is why it is essential to do business with a webhost provider that caters to websites of a size similar to your website’s own.

As long as the webmaster is realistic, he or she can find the right unlimited provider that will be ‘unlimited’ for all of their intents and purposes. If you sign up with an unlimited plan geared toward individuals for $4.95 per month, do not be surprised if they break contract when the website begins generating thousands of visitors per day.

Differences in price among unlimited plans are generally an indication of the type of customer to which they cater. Unlimited plans geared toward commercial clients will be far more expensive but they also offer sophisticated redundancy mechanisms and will have multiple backbones in place. These features translate into both uptime and reliability, which while important to all websites, is vital to the website that is generating income hourly. As the old adage says, one gets what they pay for.

When searching for a hosting plan with an unlimited domain, a webmaster will achieve the best success with a structured approach. Seek out websites of a similar size with similar traffic. Are they using a hosting service that offers an unlimited domain? Then speak to the webmaster or someone on the web design team that has direct experience. What have their experiences been like? Will they continue to use the company after this contract period? Would they recommend this provider to another?

When speaking to other webmasters, be sure to focus on their customer support experiences because this is such a vital yet oft-overlooked component of any hosting package. A webmaster needs to have confidence before signing the contract that the hosting provider will be there to tackle problems around the clock 24/7, year round including holidays and other special occasions. Try to build a short list of at least three providers, and then focus your energy researching and interviewing those companies to find the one that is best for you.

All superior unlimited hosting plans, especially those that cater to commercial clients, will require that the webmaster enter into a binding contract. The contract period is part of what allows the company to offer the rates that they do, and for that reason, websites generally achieve the best rates by agreeing to the longest period, usually counted in years. However, a webmaster will find it in his or her best interest to make the first term as short as possible. Then, if the webmaster is satisfied, they can opt for the longest period possible when it is time to re-up.

The key to finding the right unlimited domain and webhosting provider is to be patient and methodical. Never rush into a plan simply because the deal is “too good to pass up”. Do the necessary research, and if that deal turned out to be the right deal, it will still be there waiting for you.

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