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Software Contract Management

contract assistant mumboe contract logix

Business contact management software is a program that will help different organizations manage all kinds of contracts that they are taking part in. The types of contracts that will be used may include buy side, sell side, and non-monetary contracts.

Software contact management can help a business perform the following:

• Versioning documents
• Making sure that a buildup of knowledge will be used for contract management
• Creating boiler plate templates that will make sure that each contract is sanctioned by an organization’s legal group
• Creating contracts that will follow an already defined work flow
• Notifying all stakeholders of any upcoming trigger points
• Validate all payments, deliverables, commitments, and compliance terms that were established in the contract
There are many types of affordable business contract management software available on the market today. Almost all of them offer you a free trial. Some of the best business contract management programs include Contract Assistant, Mumboe, and Contract Logix.

Contract Assistant

Contract Assistant is a business contact management program that was created by a company known as Blue Ridge. This type of program is completely affordable. In addition, it is filled with useful features that are easy to use. With Contract Assistant, you can easily access all of the important information that you need. In addition, you can generate reports and even set up an automatic reminder of any important dates. There are three versions available. The Standard version, Pro version, and Enterprise version is available for individuals small businesses, and large corporations. All of these editions can help you manage your contracts and agreements efficiently. Contract Assistant features include approval process control, user access controls, and completion tracking.


Mumboe is a business contract management program that was created by a company known as Mumboe. This software is completely Web based. This means that you can store, track, and manage all of your documents from your Internet browser. Mumboe is inexpensive and affordable. There are no hidden fees. In addition, you will not spend long hours trying to figure out how to navigate the program. This business contract management software that is safe, easy to use, and configurable. You can always export your data at any time. There is no risk involved and there are no long-term contracts. In addition, you can take part in a free trial before you purchase anything. Some of the Mumboe features include custom user interface, user access controls, multi-currency, and remote access.

Contract Logix

Contract Logix is a program that was named after the company Contract Logix. This type of contract management software has many different features that will help you with all of your contract management needs. You can easily manage and track your contracts and agreements with Contract Logix contract management software. The program offers you high quality comprehensive tools that can be used to negotiate, track, and manage all of your business documents. Contract Logix features include approved process control, template management, digital sign, mobile access, and Microsoft Office integration. You can schedule a demonstration with Contract Logix if you wish to do so.

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