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Acne Skin Care Treatment Product - Types of Acne and Their Treatments

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While acne is generally thought of as a skin disorder that primarily affects teenagers in the early stages of puberty, it is a much more widespread skin disorder that affects all ages, races, and genders. The cause of acne is not readily known, as it is usually a combination of factors and conditions. Most acne is found on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, thighs, and back. There are many acne treatments that are readily available over the counter that can take care of most types of acne. Prescription treatments, as well as facial treatments such as microdermabrasion may be recommended by your dermatologist.

Many types of acne are hormone driven and are caused by increased levels of testosterone. While generally thought of as a male hormone, testosterone is present both in males and females. Increased testosterone affects the oil glands in the skin, causing them to secrete more oil than necessary. This excess oil can clog pores, trapping dead skin and bacteria inside and causing pimples. If not cared for properly, these blemishes can become infected and spread. Hormonal acne can occur in both teens and adults. In teens, the testosterone levels are highest right after puberty. Adult women are far more likely to develop adult acne than men because of the significant hormone changes the female body undergoes in adulthood through menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause. Certain types of birth control can also contribute to a hormone imbalance and cause adult acne.

Treatment for severe hormonal acne ranges from a topical prescription strength cream or gel to hormonal treatment through birth control pills or hormone injections. The effectiveness of these treatments is individual to the person, but hormone treatment has been shown effective for keeping hormonal acne under control. This will most likely not be the first treatment prescribed because there are more side effects associated with this type of treatment.

Acne vulgaris is the name for typical acne. This type of acne if it is mild to moderate can be controlled and treated with over the counter acne skin care treatment products. A more severe case may require oral and topical prescription treatments. Back acne treatments are similar to other acne treatments, though they can be more difficult. The skin on the back is tougher and has more oil glands than the skin on the face. The skin on the back is also harder to reach and is more susceptible to irritation throughout the day due to clothing and/or bag or purse straps.

Each person that suffers from acne is individual, as is their acne, and treatment should be customized to most effectively treat each type of acne. There are many over the counter products that are available for those that suffer from mild to moderate acne. These over the counter products may be in the form of a gel, cream, scrub, or soap and can take up to six to eight weeks to see improvement. If over the counter acne product treatment does not work, a visit to your dermatologist may be necessary. A dermatologist can prescribe a prescription-strength topical cream, gel, or soap. The dermatologist may also prescribe an oral antibiotic to prevent infection of the blemishes. Facial treatments are becoming more popular to treat mild acne and clear up blemishes. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, extractions, and face masks are common treatments for those with acne. There are many home facial treatments you can purchase, but the most effective treatments are typically given at a spa or through a dermatologist.

Many times, a combination of over the counter treatments and prescription treatments will be able to clear some of the most severe forms of acne. It is important to stick to a strict skin care regimen while undergoing these treatments. While acne is not caused by a dirty face, keeping your face clean and well-moisturized can decrease the amount of bacteria and pimple-causing substances that are on your skin. Do not over wash your face. Washing excessively can lead to dry skin, encouraging the oil production that is to blame in the first place. Be sure to use cosmetics and lotions that are oil-free and water-based. Be patient with your treatments and don’t be hasty to squeeze blemishes, as this can cause scarring.

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