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Miami Airport Car Rental - Miami Airport Car Rental Has Never Been Easier

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Miami Airport Car Rental Has Never Been Easier
If you are landing at Miami airport and you are without transportation, it may be wise to rent a car at the airport. This will allow you to leave the airport and begin your Miami vacation or business trip with little hassle. You will not need to, for instance, take a bus or taxi to a car rental office, or back to your hotel to search the phone books for car rental companies. All of this is an unnecessary inconvenience since Miami airport now has what they call the Miami International Airport Rental Car Center (MIA RCC). Miami airport car rental is extremely easy thanks to the convenience of this facility. The RCC is brand new. It opened on July 13 of this year (this article is being written on July 14)!
The Miami International Airport Rental Car Center is located just a short distance east of the Miami International Airport at 3900 N.W. 25th street. 16 different car rental companies have full offices of operation in the building which is several stories high and designed to make auto rental a fast and easy process. A shuttle bus runs from the Airport to this building, so there is no need for lengthy walking or taxi riding to the location. Once in the RCC customer service lobby, the traveler/customer is able to select from any of the 16 companies, who have a combined inventory of 6,500 rental cars available for immediate rental on site.
The RCC has an innovative multi level fueling system that allows it to refuel and wash 300 cars per hour. The newly opened rental car center is expected receive up to 28,000 customers a day, so such high turnaround systems are very necessary. The center’s Quick Turnaround area makes renting a car post flight a snap. This is the first such quick access car rental center of its kind. It makes the entire process of Miami airport car rental far more efficient, simple, and streamlined. Simply discuss your car rental needs with the representatives at the customer service lobby when you are dropped off there by the shuttle and you will soon be on your way.
The following car rental companies are part of the RCC:
• Ace
• Alamo
• All Day Rent A Car
• Avis
• Budget
• Dollar
• EnterpriseExcellence Luxury Car Rental
• E-Z Rent A Car
• Global Rent A Car
• Hertz
• National
• Payless
• P&P Family Auto Rental
• Royal
• Thrifty.

With such a variety of vehicles to choose from, you need to have some sense of what you’re looking for in the way of a rental vehicle. Everything from small budget economy cars to luxury limousines are available at the RCC. Obviously, your travel budget will determine what type of car you can afford to rent to a large degree. Also considerations such as the amount of passenger space you need must be taken into consideration. If you are on a limited budget and merely wish to head out to the beach or take care of some business for a few days, and there is only yourself or you and a loved one, an inexpensive economy car from Thrifty or Budget may be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you are traveling with the whole family, and your expenses are paid by the company you work for or you have a larger vacation budget, you may wish to rent a larger model from, say, Avis. And if you happen to be either a rock star or a corporate CEO who is quite well off financially, a limousine from Excellence Luxury Car Rental may fit the bill. There are obviously all kinds of situations in between that will determine your rental car needs.

The shuttles that go to the RCC are usually white and will be well marked – they will say Rental Car Shuttle across the front of the window. In 2011 the shuttle service will be taken over by the MIA Mover – a dual track rail shuttle 1.25 miles in length. This system will be able to transport over 3000 passengers an hour between the MIA and the MIC (Miami Intermodal Center). This latter facility is a large centralized transportation hub for Miami, and the MIA mover rail shuttle will access the RCC via this location.
Renting a car at Miami airport has never been easier. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this state of the art, fast, and easy car rental system if you take a plane to Miami for either business or pleasure in the near future.

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