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Canon Slr Digital Camera - The EOS Rebel XS/1000D: a Canon SLR Digital Camera

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The Rebel series is typically Canon’s most bell and whistle oriented project, so when the Rebel XS was released it was surprising to note that it was aimed at a more point and shoot type of customer base. As a Canon SLR Digital Camera, the XS is comparable to the more expensive XSi, but is easier on the pocket. Overall, the XS is lightweight, small, easy to handle, and produces a high quality image.

In comparison to the higher end Rebels, the XS performs the same in the high ISO range. This means that under lower light conditions, the XS performs just as well. As a point and shoot camera, the viewfinder is very large. An ISO button is located on the top of the camera, allowing you to switch to different lighting situations easily. The ISO setting can be seen on the viewfinder as well, which ads convenience. The design of the camera itself is attractive and comfortable to use, although it could benefit from the ergonomics of the rubber handles that its higher end cousins feature.

The XS is a Canon SLR Digital Camera with only one view screen. This means that settings are chosen on the same screen you use to see what the camera is taking a picture of. Unlike other similar cameras, this one does not automatically switch over to viewfinder mode when a face gets close to the camera. This might be a deterrent for anybody with the money to buy a higher end model.

Live view mode allows the user to manually focus on an object with a great deal of accuracy, and there are options that adjust the contrast of the image. There are also noise reduction features, although they reduce the sharpness of the image as well.

As Canon SLR Digital Cameras go, the XS is definitely not good for taking pictures of fast moving objects. Sports and races are out of the question if you are serious about catching a high quality image of something that is moving rapidly. The auto focus is a bit slow as well, so if anything is approaching or moving away from the camera at a high speed you might end up getting a blurry image.

The XS is good for taking about a hundred thousand pictures before the shutter is expected to go bad. For the casual user, this should not be a problem, although some of the higher end models offer up to three times as much. The XS does have a sensor that is capable of cleaning itself, which is very useful.

The battery charges in about two hours, and is good for taking around five hundred pictures. If you use live view, the battery life can be expected to drop significantly, down to about two hundred. The batteries are fairly small and it is not difficult to carry a spare.

Even though the XS is at the low end of Canon’s SLR Digital Camera line, it is built to be compatible with almost all of the accessories that you can purchase for any of the other EOS models. The image quality is more or less indistinguishable from other SLR cameras.

The XS does require a memory card and a lens to function; these do not come with the camera unless you buy a kit. The kit will get you the lowest price but not necessarily the best image quality. Deciding on a lens is an important part of your purchase, so be sure to look at your options before making a decision.

Anybody who already owns a current Canon SLR Digital Camera will not be interested in the Rebel XS, but for those of us who have not made the switch, this camera is ideal if you are looking for a cost effective solution. Point and shoot users will be very satisfied with the camera’s image quality and usability.

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