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Britax Car Seat Covers - Spice Up Your Britax With Car Seat Cover Creativity

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For Britax, safety is the top priority when making high quality car seats. With some of the highest car seat safety ratings and breakthrough side-impact protection, parents flock to Britax for car seats to protect their children in case of an accident. However, they did not stop with safety. Britax also offers a variety of car seats to cover every child and parent’s needs. On top of the number of types of seats the consumer has access to, there are even more ways to customize based upon you and your child’s personality with a unique Britax car seat cover.

Britax Car Seat Covers Are Removable and Replaceable

When the inevitable happens and your seat needs freshening, a Britax car seat cover can be removed for washing. Each cover is made of either 100% polyester or part nylon and part polyester, depending upon the part of the seat. If your older child has outgrown a seat but a baby is on the way, you can purchase a Britax car seat cover to replace the old for around $70, bringing a brand new touch to an older but still functional seat. No matter the style you choose or the seat that works best for you, Britax has struck gold with their line of seats and covers.

The Chaperone Seat for Infants Can Match Your Stroller

While it is not necessary to have an infant bucket seat, many parents enjoy the convenience of transferring the infant seat to their stroller. The infant seat, the Chaperone, has a partner stroller that are often purchased in tandem. For Britax, a car seat cover is not the end of their unique line of products.

The Chaperone stroller comes with varied covers, as well, so that your seat and stroller can match. From the funky black and white “Cowmooflage” to the more classic brown patterned “Moonstone,” a stroller and car seat cover from Britax can let your infant ride in style both in the car and out.

Convertible Seats Can Match Your Toddler’s Personality

For a more classic design, the Roundabout from Britax has car seat cover options in a more mild range of options. Covers in solid black, brown or denim will work for any gender or age, and the contrasting “Onyx” and “Sesame” will compliment a classic interior.

A smaller child might be more suited to the Diplomat, which has lower height and weight limits than some of the others. While the patterns are still tame, Britax brings a car seat cover more suited to each gender in this series, with the classic cow print “Cowmooflage,” which can be ambiguous but will certainly appeal to little boys, and the feminine “Taylor” with a light pink striping against a tan backing.

The Advocate boasts a larger weight range than the previous mentioned, and offers another unique fabric option as a cover. While the other options are more demure in tone, Britax has a car seat cover for your bright, bouncing baby girl in this line. “Kathryn” is for the modern girl, with a broad, pink floral print with a tropical flare. Additionally, Britax has car seat covers that focus as much on texture as design. The “Opus Grey” and “Opus Brown” covers have little color variance in the main pattern, but the change in texture still offers visual appeal.

Bringing more style into the Britax car seat cover family is the Boulevard. This is another seat with a wide weight and height range, and the fabric options begin to expand. With multiple feminine prints such as the hot pink and daisies on “Meghan,” and many gender neutral options such as the black and grey “Solstice” and “Barrington,” the Boulevard can be as unique or versatile as you need.

Finally, the most unique in the line of Britax car seats and covers, is the Marathon. True to it’s name, a child may fit in the Marathon from birth through preschool and even beyond. Britax must have taken this into consideration when they offered the line of covers, because you can find anything from mod patterns to girlie flowers, “Cowmooflage” to camouflage, classic denim and even a line to match your favorite college sports teams.

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