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Business Internet Marketing Opportunity - Internet Marketing Opportunity: a guide for Small Businesses

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Fewer than twenty years ago, a small business had to rely on newspaper and TV ads, along with good word-of-mouth, in order to spread word of its existence. Now, through the employment of advanced internet marketing tactics, a small business has the opportunity to reach a previously unfathomable amount of customers. Although word-of-mouth still helps, the modern marketer with a website to promote has amongst his/her repertoire the use of web logs (blogs), banner advertising, email marketing, and the revolutionary techniques of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to introduce the company to the world.

Most everyone has heard of blogs, email marketing, and banner advertising. Even if the words aren’t immediately recognizable, anyone who browses the web or checks email has been exposed to their practices by today’s marketers. Blogs are visited billions of times a day across the world and are, in and of themselves, powerful marketing tools. Forming an online journal is an effective way for a company to engage with its consumer base, interacting with customers and responding to consumer comments; still, blogs can be slow to attract publicity. Only the rarest blogs are visited by many millions of customers. At most, only a thousand blogs are household names amongst the millions of blogs that exist. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sending out mass emails will attract publicity, but perhaps not the right kind. An internet marketing opportunity for small business, emails are quick to promote the company but are often ignored by consumers; emails find their way very easily into the gmail and yahoo trash bins, or junk folders.

Arguably, the most effective promotion of an online business is through Search Engine Optimization, forging high rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo to distinguish the company amongst the many hopefuls. Here may be the future of internet marketing opportunity, for small and large businesses. The success of Search Engine Marketing is intimately related with the overwhelming popularity of high profile search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. These search engines, and other search engines like Ask.com, are used so frequently by so many people that the online businesses that regularly achieve prominent keyword positions in the search engines are always the most well-known.

Extensive keyword research, detecting the phrases and idioms most indicative of a company, are incorporated into the finest SEO techniques to ensure that Google and Yahoo searches of those keywords lead back to the company, drawing more traffic. Entire marketing companies are devoted to SEO techniques, providing analysis of search engine saturation, traffic, Google Tools and Analytics, URL depths and back links to help the keywords rise to the top of the search engines.

The effect of SEM will be felt more powerfully as mobile technology develops. Since phones and iPods now carry access to the internet, the use of SEO techniques will reach anyone who searches on the premier search engines from any mobile device, exponentially increasing the advertising base.

The traffic generated by SEM takes time to develop. It can take several months for any company to rise amidst the search engines, which are very in demand. Ultimately, however, for any long-term business, Search Engine Marketing is a valuable opportunity in the Internet Marketing guide, for large or small businesses, alike. It works well in conjunction with the other aforementioned techniques, and with Social Media Marketing:

This brand of marketing is also a valuable tool; it entails promoting the company through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These networks are now internet phenomena, parts of the lives of billions of people. Hardly a company exists that does not try to reach out to customers through these sites, which are hotbeds of viral marketing techniques. If something becomes popular on Facebook or Twitter, it spreads like wildfire amidst the virtual world, being shared through mass-emails and “tweets” until it reaches a consumer base of billions. This is certainly the case with YouTube, where videos of a chipmunk with an intense stare were watched by over 20 million people.

There are enough methods of internet advertising for any company with an inspirational product to reach millions of people. As long as the advertising process is undertaken with savvy and care, the business in question will reach anybody, anywhere.

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